Demo Account Guide
Demo Account Guide
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Revealing the Opportunity to Invest in Netflix with eToro

Jan 22 2024   Broker Insights  
Explore why investing in Netflix stock is a smart choice and start your investment with eToro, the leading social trading platform. Read more to find out.

The Complete Guide to XM Turbo Stocks

Aug 31 2023   Broker Insights  
XM Turbo Stocks is a great instrument choice for Day Trader. In addition to that, this product also offers various other benefits as well.

eToro Increased its Valuation to $2.5 Billion for Secondary Stock Sales

Aug 21 2023   eToro News  
eToro has completed a secondary share sale that raised its valuation to $2.5 billion, although it has continued to cancel plans to go public.

eToro Unveiled 30 New US Stocks

Aug 3 2023   eToro News  
eToro expanded its offering by adding 30 popular US stocks, including Tesla, Amazon, and Apple, out of traditional market hours.

Equiti Expands CFD Offering with 1,500 New Stocks and ETFs

Jul 13 2023   Equiti News  
Equiti Group adding over 1,500 new stocks and ETF CFDs with low margins starting at 5% and zero commission on USD stocks.

Interactive Brokers Adds European Stocks for Clients

Jul 5 2023   Interactive Brokers News  
Interactive Brokers has announced an expansion of its market access by adding Nasdaq Copenhagen and the Prague Stock Exchange (PSE).

eToro Puts New Australian Stocks to its Platform

Jun 23 2023   eToro News  
eToro, adds 44 Australian stocks to its trading platform as the new trading instruments.

eToro Adds New Tool to Track US Stock Hours

Jun 16 2023   eToro News  
eToro delivers superior new features to extend US stock trading hours and increase visibility to US stocks and markets beyond traditional market hours.

HYCM Adds Zero Commission in Stock Trading

Jun 13 2023   HYCM News  
HYCM adds commission-free stock trading on the MT5 platform with over 1000 global stock options. This service offers fractional stock trading for as little as $10.

OANDA Adds CFDs Selection with New US and UK Stocks

May 2 2023   OANDA News  
Previously facilitating their clients to trade CFD on European blue-chip stocks, OANDA now provides them with US and UK-listed equities.