Since 2017, XM has been helping Ugandan children in need and is committed to helping shape children's futures through equal opportunity.

XM organized its 5th charity brunch in December 2022 by selling goods made in Uganda and brunch dishes to raise money for Ugandan orphans. The event is part of XM's ongoing support of the Saint Antonios of Monde Orphanage.

UNICEF reports that over 2 million Ugandan children have become orphans in the past decade. Without the support of charities and volunteers, these children cannot build a future for themselves and become educated, financially independent adults.


As part of this good cause, the MetaTrader-only broker's employees, their families, and friends bought and savored delicious dishes prepared by volunteers. Also sold were colorful home goods, jewelry, and accessories from Uganda. To provide food and medicine for more than 400 needy children, the money raised will be donated to an orphanage in Wobulenzi, Uganda.

XM started helping Ugandan children in need in 2017 and remains committed to creating equal opportunities for all children. Besides raising money, XM has contributed to constructing a school building, partnered with local NGOs to eliminate barriers in the education system and more. In 2023, the commitment to a better future will continue with more initiatives taking place