LiteFinance expands its trading offering by including the Volatility Index 75 derivative (VIX75) on the MT5 platform.

LiteFinance, a trusted forex and CFD broker based in Cyprus, has expanded its ion of instruments by offering a Volatility Index 75 derivative (VIX75) for clients from Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana, and Nigeria. This instrument is available on ECN MT5 accounts and in the stock index category.

The Volatility Index 75 is an index that measures the level of risk in the market, focused on technical analysis while trading, but not based on fundamental factors.

Traders from all five parts of the country can trade VIX75 on LiteFinance, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and even on holidays. The number 75 in the index name means the volatility level is 75%. That is quite a high level. This index corresponds to a simulated market with constant volatility. Therefore, users of this broker have a great opportunity to get high profits quickly by trading this index.


The good news from LiteFinance is that users can open trading positions with small lot sizes like 0.001 or 0.002. However, an initial deposit of 100 USD is recommended for maximum trading.

In addition, if you plan to scalp VIX75 with large lot sizes for quick profits, the recommended minimum deposit is 1,000 USD. since going to trade a large amount, a trader should set a stop loss and take profit as close to the opening price level as possible. For traders with smaller lots, protection orders are placed at larger intervals.

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