Learn about the trading market and win concert tickets only by attending the TMGM webinar. How to participate?

Australian broker, TMGM, is back with a new How to enter the Trading Market webinar series for beginners entitled Trading Strategies and Techniques for Beginners.


Trading is a form of investment that is risky if practiced without proper knowledge. Trading will make a profit if you are willing to study and research beforehand, and be diligent, focused, objective and unemotional.

In addition, as a novice trader, you may be vulnerable to emotional and psychological biases that affect trading. Trading forex as a beginner can be daunting and you may be looking for a suitable plan. For that, make the most of the TMGM webinar which will be held on Thursday, November 24th, 2022 at 09:00 PM (GMT+8). Take note of the Zoom ID: 889 7132 1856.

Guest speaker Gero Azrul, a full-time trader with 14 years of experience will guide you to the world of the trading market. Azrul will tell you the basics of trading including understanding assets, deciding how to trade, creating strategies, and managing risk. You must also set a trading style, such as day trading, swing trading, or scalping.

For attendees from the SEA region, you will have the opportunity to receive a 30% credit bonus after making a $500 deposit and winning 2 Jay Chou Carnival Tours. Go to the TMGM website and register now!