The TickTrader platform presented by FXOpen makes it easy for clients to manage trading accounts in 1 practical application.

Reported from the official page, FXOpen broker presents a new and sophisticated trading platform called TickTrader. This trading platform combines the five most popular instruments, namely: forex, stocks, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies; into one trading account. Through the TickTrader application, FXOpen invites traders to pursue unlimited trading opportunities in various markets with just one login.



Managing a trading account is even easier because the TickTrader platform can be tailored to your personal needs. More than 1000 free trading tools, level 2 data, heat maps, and backtesting features are available for easy analysis. With this completeness, FXOpen traders will be more assisted in preparing reliable trading strategies.

fxopen ticktrader


TickTrader Features Various Innovative Features

Forex traders who are busy and cannot constantly monitor the screen, FXOpen provides advanced trade execution features such as Market Orders, Limit Orders, and Stop Orders. Besides, traders can also adjust the unit volume, stop level, and Slippage settings.

TickTrader was created to help traders achieve maximum profits in their trading activities. This is indicated by the existence of detailed and easy to understand graphs. Supported by the One / Double Click trading mode, FXOpen facilitates Scalpers that require speed of execution.

For ECN traders, price transparency is valuable information. FXOpen realizes this by presenting Pricing level 2, which gives access to explore the depth of the market up to 200 levels and see limits in the order book.

FXOpen is a broker that has existed since 2003 as a financial market technical analysis education center. Meanwhile, TickTrader offers a myriad of features that meet the needs of every type of trade, from beginners to institutions. Visit the official FXOpen page here.