Ex-Smart Valor, Thomas Felber, has joined FXCM as the new Product Director through an announcement on his LinkedIn account.

FXCM, the industry leader in online trading of foreign currency (FX), contracts for difference (CFD), and other associated services, has recently welcomed a new professional. Thomas Felber has joined FXCM Group as its new Product Director. Felber comes to FXCM as their Chief Technology Officer (CTO) from Smart Valor, a prominent center for blockchain technology.

Felber expressed his excitement on his LinkedIn account, "Excited to share my latest career move! I have joined FXCM, a leading online forex, and CFD trading provider, as Product Director. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, FXCM has a proven track record of providing traders with a secure and transparent trading environment."

He added, "I am thrilled to be a part of such a reputable and forward-thinking company and look forward to contributing to its continued growth and success," Felber added.


According to his various social media platforms, Felber launched his professional career in the information technology industry in 2005 at Reply, where he worked as the Senior IT Consultant. He also indicated an excellent track record where Tekaris, a software development business, was included in his outstanding work in 2011. He left Tekaris in 2015 to become the Chief Technology Officer for Linde's BeeZero project.

Felber joins the team following the 18-year departure of Ryan Leonard, Chief Information Officer at FXCM, for his entire professional tenure. According to reports from January, he will now attempt a career as an independent IT consultant.