Following the addition of various features, Swissquote recently inserted Yuh app with virtual debit cards for their clients.

Since launching last year, the Yuh app from Swissquote and PostFinance has added new functionality. The app plans to add a virtual debit card to its list of features. In sustainability betting, this card is very important. You can manage your money in Matrix-style from the Yuh cyberverse app, without wasteful plastic cards or paper receipts. Just save your balance to a virtual wallet so you can pay with the tap of a button.

Not only debit cards, but Apple Pay facilities are also available in the application so that users can pay faster and more securely from iOS devices. Even Android users don't need to be sad, because, in March 2022, Swissquote added Google Pay.


Swissquote never stops upgrading the Yuh app. Evidently, in February 2022, the app launched recurring investing, where investment meets automation. Yuh users can continue to invest in their preferred stock from time to time by placing recurring investment orders. Just set the amount and the rules and let Yuh do all the hard work.

On the other hand, the Yuh app celebrated its first anniversary last month. To mark the historic day, the app was offering free trading from May 11 to June 30, 2022. Yuh allows clients to diversify their portfolio with digital assets, stocks, trending themes, and ETFs for 0 fees.