Swissquote adds a new way to pay via Samsung Pay on Yuh App. Recently, Apple Pay also has been added to the platform as well.

The Yuh app, which was released in collaboration with Swissquote and PostFinance in May 2021, continues to expand its range of functions. Recently, Yup App added Samsung Pay as a payment feature for its users. Yuh App team says:

"Your Yuh card doesn’t want to get above its station – but there’s something so tedious about the constant toing and froing between your wallet and the card machine. It’s got bigger ambitions in mind! Let your Yuh card take flight and add it to Samsung Pay: your card will love it, and you can pay simply and securely with contactless, wherever you want."


Swissquote broker has been diligently expanding the functionality of the Yuh App recently, such as the addition of Apple Pay so that users can pay faster and more securely via their favorite Apple devices.

Through the Yuh App, Swissquote clients can check out in-app and web quickly, privately, like in the 21st century because there is no contact and proof of cash handling. And PIN-free – no restrictions apply.

In addition, the Swiss stock exchange-listed company also plans several other interesting features that will be added later, such as introducing youth accounts and e-Bill facilities. The e-Bill feature allows clients to choose a paperless mode to manage electricity bills because access and pay directly from the Yuh app, so you can say goodbye to paper waste.