Swissquote adds new thematic trading consisting of market-leading companies that create grandeur goods under the Global Luxury lineup.

Leading online broker Swissquote has expanded its range of Trading Themes through the addition of Global Luxury. Global Luxury consists of market-leading companies that create luxury goods, from high-end fashion accessories, jewelry and perfumes to supercars and yachts. Regarding this partnership, Swissquote commented:

"Beyond the glitz, glamour and feel-good factor of dropping a month’s rent on a Rolex, the luxury market is set up for serious continued success. Savvy investors will recognize the unique position of a consumer sector: rather than basing prices on production and marketing costs, manufacturers of luxury goods pass on production and cost increases to customers who are only too happy to pay – if bestowed the honor."


Themes Trading is a collection of thematic portfolios on Swissquote, which allows traders not to buy individual stocks but various. Investors with thematic stocks can position their portfolios for faster growth and higher returns. In addition, Themes Trading also provides various advantages, including:

  • Sector diversification
  • Companies with pricing power, whose margins do not fear inflation
  • Exposure to the growing upper class in emerging markets

Swissquote introduced Themes Trading to investors in September 2015 to enable them to discover opportunities in thematic investments with the highest possible transparency.

At the time, the service only had an initial set of 30 themes, such as global electricity, cybersecurity, Greek recovery, and fitness trends. Since then, Swissquote has continued to add to its lineup of trading themes. In March, for example, the company added a Smart Contract Platform to its line of Trading Themes.