JP Morgan Asset Management has been added by Swissquote to its ETF Leaders section so that clients can diversify their portfolios at competitive prices.

Swiss broker Swissquote welcomes JP Morgan Asset Management to its ETF Leaders section. Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are traded on a stock exchange. ETFs contain multiple securities to reproduce the performance of a particular stock market index, such as the Swiss Market Index.

JP Morgan ETFs offer innovative solutions for ETF investments so that investors can diversify their portfolios at competitive prices. With more than $75 billion in ETF assets under management globally and more than 30 UCITS ETF strategies, clients are able to invest using the popular UCITS ETF manager in Europe.

JP Morgan's liquid and transparent ETFs are the results of extensive research, trading and technology from one of the world's leading asset managers. The combination of investment expertise and ETF know-how makes the JP Morgan ETF different, as it allows the company to track indices more efficiently, and provides competitively priced access to new opportunities through the development of innovative active strategies, strategic betas, and indices.


Since 1993, the ETF financial market segment has grown rapidly. Leveraging its promising prospects, the Zurich-based company now provides over 9,000 ETFs that are fully accessible to clients.

Additionally, Swissquote recently expanded its list of ETF/ETP partners with the addition of Xtrackers, DWS' ETF business. In May 2022, Swissquote also added ODDO BHF Asset Management to its list of Key Partners for the fund.