Swissquote Advanced Trader users can enjoy trading forex and CFD with no minimum fees until May 31, 2022.

Swissquote online trading company improves trading conditions for clients who open Advanced Trader accounts. If you open an Advanced Trader account now, you can trade Stock CFDs with no minimum fees until 31 May 2022.


Advanced Trader is a trading platform with a simple interface with many advantages. The platform allows customization of the look to suit the client's personal trading style. Traders can drag and drop almost any component of the platform to a new configuration. They can customize their charts, drawing tools, and indicators.

Swissquote clients can go full speed on their trading journey using TradingView which is not only user-friendly but also full of advanced charting functions.

Advanced Trader offers more than 50 intelligent charting tools, as well as more than 80 indicators for technical analysis enthusiasts. In addition, the platform can support multiple order types so that traders can quickly execute complex orders. The following are the various types of orders available on the platform:

  • Order Cancels Other (OCO): Combines a stop order with a limit order. When one is executed, it automatically cancels the other.
  • IF-DONE: A two-step order where the second step cannot be executed until the first conditions are met.
  • If-OCO: A variant of the IF-DONE order where an OCO is placed after the order has been executed in the IF part.