London Capital Group established a new partnership with IG Group, resulting in the new use of platform, pricing and execution managed by IG.

Recently, IG Group has integrated its platform, pricing, and execution into the London Capital Group (or "LCG"), a London-based online brokerage business. This action is due to the recently established agreement between the two parties.


To shape its future, LCG has committed to continue development for the company. This implies in their strategic measure, where LCG invites prominent industrial providers to join an industrious cooperation aimed at providing their clients with the most significant goods, technology, and pricing in the financial world. LCG hired a new management team to revitalize the formerly proud brand, led by CEO Dave Worsfold and Managing Director Matt Basi.

The partnership is also a significant gain for IG, which has been discreetly expanding its B2B services division by providing technology, liquidity, and services to smaller brokers.

Matt Basi, Managing Director at LCG, further comments: "IG's Web Trading Platform is well-established, industry-leading technology backed by IG's excellent pricing, liquidity, and execution. We're delighted to add their platform to our existing offering and believe it positions us strongly to onboard brokers and high-value clients for the next stage of the LCG journey."

LCG is dedicated to providing low rates, cutting-edge technology, and expert service to all sorts of traders. Throughout LCG's 20-year existence, LCG has accomplished several significant milestones and embarked on a path that has taken us from a tiny trading firm to the worldwide player they are today. Their recent agreement with IG Group is evidence of such dedication, which expectedly lit a fire under the two parties.