Interactive Brokers' upgraded Portal allows clients to enjoy new features, such as Fee Per Trade Unit and Account Queries.

Popular trading platform, Interactive Brokers, enhances the functionality of its Portal for clients to be able to trade more comfortably with the addition of:

  • Fee Per Trade Unit: Brokers can now charge client commissions on USD/CAD stocks as a percentage of trade value in addition to per share.
  • Account Queries: Client data generated using the Account Queries tool can now be exported to CSV.

Interactive Brokers regularly continues to improve its Portal. In early 2022, the company added new features in the Account Query tool, such as Fee Configuration, IRA Contributions, and Minimum Required Distribution.

The Advisor Portal allows clients to easily store and view information about all contacts, including clients, prospects, former clients, and other personal and professional relationships. Each record is considered a "contact" so the client is able to edit the contact as a specific type.

Clients can create and save emails, notes, tasks, and documents for each contact, to send bulk emails to multiple contacts. Don't worry, because Interactive Brokers does not store or have access to emails, notes, and tasks, as they are stored on Rackspace, a third-party cloud management solution provider.

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About Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers is a trading service company, famous among traders for its low price per share, advanced trading platform, large ion of securities—including foreign stocks—and extremely low margin rates. Not to mention the newest trading account service, IBKR Lite, which provides commission-free trading of shares and ETFs is also an attraction for traders.