After Interactive Brokers upgrades the IBKR Campus website, now pro and novice trades can improve their skills in a new environment.

Interactive Brokers Group, a leader in electronic trading, has announced the launch of its redesigned IBKR Campus website, which provides free educational resources for all levels of investors.

With the courses, webinars, podcasts, and market commentaries designed to educate investors, the redesigned IBKR Campus has user-friendly features, allowing investors to quickly locate the information they seek. Both novice and seasoned investors can benefit from these resources, which range from free online courses on the concepts and tools of financial trading to lessons and exams on Interactive Brokers' trading tools.

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IBKR Campus also includes commentary from Steve Sosnick, Chief Strategist at Interactive Brokers, and José Torres, Senior Economist at Interactive Brokers, on the global market and economy-affecting topics.

Interactive Brokers

Here are several free learning tools that IBKR Campus provides for clients and non-members worldwide:

  • Traders' Academy: a free IBKR trading tool course based on the student's pace.
  • Traders' Insight: market-related papers, videos, and podcasts on global financial and economic events.
  • IBKR Quant: concise and actionable code-based pieces for computational finance students and those willing to trade markets with computer power.
  • IBKR Podcasts: interviews and episodes with executives and researchers from prominent financial services companies
  • IBKR Webinars: Discussions of options trading, commodities, ETFs, volatility, and more, weekly.
  • Traders' Glossary: Searches for trading and investing words and suggestions related to terms and links.
  • Student Trading Lab: A free web resource for teachers willing to integrate finance or computer science with trading.

Vice President of Marketing and Product Development at Interactive Brokers, Steve Sanders, remarked: "Education is at the heart of Interactive Brokers, and we firmly believe that knowledge is key to successful investing. With the user-friendly IBKR Campus site, we empower investors globally to stay informed about market events, improve their market understanding, and continuously develop their skills."