Interactive Brokers trading platform, GlobalTrader App is getting even better for options traders as it adds Options Wizard to help beginners trade options.

Electronic trading company Interactive Brokers added an Option Wizard to its GlobalTrader mobile app. This feature is useful for clients who are interested in options trading but are still confused about where to start. The client only needs to enter a view of the future of the underlying price movement and the wizard will present several standard strategies which can be filtered by aggressiveness, Profit Probability, Maximum Profit and others.interactive brokers

Interactive Brokers recently introduced options trading in the GlobalTrader app. Clients who wish to trade options can go to the Quotation Details window and tap Options. Traders can use the features to Expiry, Buy/Sell and Call/Put. Tap the deal price to explore further options, create an order, or add a move to a strategy.


About GlobalTrader App

IBKR GlobalTrader is a simple mobile trading app for trading stocks worldwide that was launched last March 2022. Due to its sleek design, this application is easy to use by not only experienced traders but also beginners.

Through GlobalTrader, clients can open accounts in minutes to trade shares on more than 80 stock exchanges in North America, Europe and Asia. Developed specifically for global investors, IBKR GlobalTrader allows clients to make deposits in 23 different currencies as they are automatically converted at interbank rates into the currency needed to buy and sell shares across markets and geographies.