IG is in the process of overhauling its economic calendar, providing it with upgraded and enhanced functionalities.

Since 1974, IG, a leading provider of electronic trading services, has strived to create the finest technology, platforms, products, and exchanges worldwide, expanding trading and investment opportunities for ambitious individuals worldwide.

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Using IG economic calendar, the company provides traders with information about the essential events coming into the stage. However, IG economic calendar will soon undergo a significant redesign, including new and improved features.

The broker emphasizes the significance of trader input and commits to sharing it with the product team.

Traders are invited to fill out the poll, as IG is always looking to improve its trading experience by introducing new features to the IG economic calendar. IG requests feedback from traders on what additional features they would like to see implemented:

  • Reliability
  • Location-based filters (country/region)
  • Bringing attention to crucial and pivotal moments
  • Timing of upcoming activities
  • Including Market Activity (e.g., FED announcements)
  • Favorite activities can be viewed

This would benefit traders as they can consult the economic schedule to gain insight into forthcoming major global events that may cause slight modifications or widespread disruptions in the financial markets.

An economic calendar can be tailored to their needs, allowing them to monitor only the relevant events. Filter search results to better suit the objectives by filtering out the time zones and currencies of interest.

Traders may find investments that appeal to them the most. They can find important events and occasions for trading these markets on IG's economic calendar. IG also provides up-to-date news and analysis pieces to help them better understand global financial trends and events.