HFM broker opens a webinar for its clients who are curious about how to use Fibonacci in trading.

In cooperation with Blue Sky Forex, HF Markets will organize a free webinar about Fibonacci Theory. Blue Sky Forex is a part of the Blue Sky education and trading community. It is a group of a team of senior traders with members from around the world.

The webinar on Fibonacci Theory will be held on February 16, 2023, at 12:00 PM GMT. It is a part of education for clients that HFM commits to provide. To join the webinar, a trader has to register as HFM's client. The registration column is available on HMF's official sites.

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Fibonacci's theory is a basic theory in forex trading, related to technical analysis. Senior trader and forex researcher, Oto, will be the host for this dedicated webinar. He is an expert in a Q&A session regarding Fibonacci and how to apply it to clients' trading. The webinar will explain about:

  • What is the Fibonacci theory?
  • How to spot a dead-cat bounce
  • How to trade a Fibonacci retracement

Traders usually use Fibonacci patterns to find the retracement of the current trend. Price movements in the forex market dynamically tend to "bounce" (retrace) from the Fibonacci lines, where these lines represent certain price levels that market participants used to monitor before they traded. If a trader understands Fibonacci well, he should have a powerful analytic tool as his trading strategy.