FBS launched a charity program named Trade and Aid in Ramadan 2023 to help people in some Muslim countries.

FBS takes part in Ramadan 2023, when Muslims around the world fasting and do more noble deeds. This brokerage company launched a charity program named Trade and Aid. In this program, FBS will donate 50% of the funds raised, and participants will receive a triple deposit bonus of up to $4,500.

Starting from April 5, the participants can trade until May 5 and get a 300% bonus after the first deposit of over $100. After reaching the $100 mark, the Trade and Aid participants will get a 300% bonus for each following deposit.

These are the steps to join FBS Trade and Aid:

1. Open a Trade & Aid account in the mobile FBS Personal Area
2. Make the first deposit of $100+ in total
3. Click 'Get Bonus' and receive $300 for your $100
4. Trade and receive a 300% bonus per each following deposit

You only need to complete the steps, and FBS will triple your deposits. For example, you start trading and close orders after you get $300 for your first $100. Then your deposit $20 more and automatically get $60 as a bonus. 



Helped The Nations

The promotion is for all the members. However, the donation is for Malaysia, Pakistan, Yemen, Egypt, Turkey, Indonesia, and Nigeria. FBS will donate 50% of spread commissions from the closed orders to the following charitable organizations:

  • MyCare (Malaysia)
  • JDC (Pakistan)
  • Angela for Development and Humanitarian Response (Yemen)
  • Nour Fi Elbyut Association (Egypt)
  • Koruncuk Vakfı (Turkey)
  • Panti Asuhan Taman Harapan Muhammadiyah (Indonesia)
  • Ramadan Memo (Nigeria)