FBS CopyTrade removes the $500 limit for copying pro traders so that every user has a wider choice to copy and reduce risks by investing in professionals.



Copytrade is one of the preferred trading styles nowadays, so many brokers are vying to create the best copy trading platforms for their clients. To answer this trend, FBS introduces a new rule into their FBS CopyTrade recently.

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Trader Can Enjoy CopyTrade Without Limitation

FBS, a global brokerage firm, announced that they had removed the $500 limit for users to copy pro traders from their CopyTrade application. Earlier, only pro users who have the minimum deposit of $500 could copy pro traders. However now, with the limit removed, all investors regardless of their deposit are welcomed in the pro program.

The cancellation of the $500 limit brings new opportunities as pro traders may get more copiers and, therefore, more profit. At the same time, users have a wider choice of traders to copy and may reduce risks by investing in professionals.

FBS CopyTrade is a social trading platform that allows users to follow the strategies of top traders and copy them to make money. So, when professionals profit, the users automatically make a profit too.

Pros are those who trade a lot with $5000 or more on their trading account. With this pro status, they are considered as experienced and reliable in which others can copy their strategy. Pro traders is a very prestigious status since they can set a commission up to 80%, and be noticed in the FBS CopyTrade app by the green 'pro' sign near their pictures.