FBS joined the ranks of many brokers launching more exotic currency pairs. The broker has selected few pairs from Zloty, Krona, Forint, and Koruna.

FBS is an international broker serving clients in Asia, Latin America, Europe, and MENA. Its main focus lies in offering financial products for currencies, metals, to index trading.



In response to client requests, FBS broker has finally released a list of new currency pairs from European Economic Area countries. Not only major currencies, but local currencies are also extremely important for traders from the European region. The presence of local European currencies can make trading activities more convenient for clients, while on the other hand also expanding the range of FBS trading instruments.

FBS broker


List of New Exotic Pairs

From now on, Polish zloty (PLN), Swedish krona (SEK), Hungarian forint (HUF) and Czech koruna (CZK) can be enjoyed on the Forex Exotics list on MetaTrader 5. However, only clients from Europe with retail accounts and professionals can use the new currency pair. The currency pairs offered are as follows:


Traders who have an in-depth knowledge of local economic events and their impact on local currencies greatly benefit from the availability of the above currency pairs, as it encourages them to show more impressive performance in the market. The new currency pairs will certainly be very useful for clients from Poland, Sweden, Hungary, and the Czech Republic as they can help plan their trades.