This achievement boosts FBS to provide the best service for traders, especially those located in Latin America, Asia, and MENA.

FBS, a world-renowned international broker, won awards for The Most Reliable Forex Broker MENA 2020, The Most Reliable Latin America Forex Broker 2020, and The Most Reliable Forex Broker Asia 2020. This proud predicate was given by The Europe magazine, in an event called the Banking Finance Awards, as recognition of top performers in the business community.

Over the past decade, FBS has won the trust of more than 15 million traders worldwide, many of whom come from Latin America, Asia, and MENA regions. These areas have great potential. FBS reaches out to everyone to learn Forex and become a professional trader - the FBS support team works 24/7 in 20 languages.

fbs won awards


FBS has won awards from European magazines every year. Won the Most Reliable Forex Broker award from 3 different regions as well as being an inspiration for brokers. The awards once again prove FBS's commitment to providing exceptional service to all clients from around the world. This also shows that FBS is on the right track, and gives its clients even more encouragement to develop more features and trading bonuses.

Currently, the FBS broker offers investors a demo account to test their trading strategies in a more secure environment. The broker also provides a variety of account types, for both novice and professional traders. In addition, FBS provides instant deposits and withdrawals via the most popular payment systems with zero commissions, as well as various other promotions.


FBS is a broker with offices in more than 190 countries around the world and more than 15,000,000 clients. Renowned for different but continuously held contests and promotions which are highly recognized by the global trading community. Apart from that, the broker also offers a number of special services to make trading easier and more profitable, such as swap-free and VPS services, cashback of up to $ 15 per lot, and many more.

FC Barcelona's official trading partner since January 2020. The European is a quarterly business publication covering a broad spectrum of business dealings globally, including Energy, Banking and Finance, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Shipping, Technology, and many more.