News has just come up that FBS and Leicester City FC has collaborated on a project titled "Make Your Way" to introduce inspirational stories of FBS traders and LCFC players.

Recognizing the importance of learning to trade, FBS, a licensed international broker, and LCFC (Leicester City Football Club,) the 2021 FA Cup winner, created a collaborative project, Make Your Own Way.


In launching the new project, the two companies will hold several activities together by introducing the true stories of FBS traders and LCFC players such as how they achieved success, what obstacles they had to overcome, and what helped them on their way.

The main idea of the Make Your Own Way project is described as a comparison between trading and football. Both require an approach to making plans, developing strategies, and making decisions. In trading, a structured approach can minimize mistakes and the risk of wasting money, as well as increase the probability of success. To master this, everyone needs to learn through a reliable broker.

FBS constantly talks about thorough preparation before trading, the need to learn, and strategy building. The broker educates its clients by providing them with educational materials in different formats.

On FBS platforms such as the official website, social media, and applications, clients can find free trading courses and webinars regularly to get trading insights and tips. FBS financial analysts will explain trading terminology and teach you about indicators, patterns, analysis, and much more. The material is divided into levels so that everyone from beginners to advanced traders can catch up on their knowledge.