Even though Exness October's trading volume has decreased to $2.5 trillion it is still up 142% year-over-year compared to the same period last year.

In October, Exness reported its trading metrics with another month of declines in trading activity. Trading volume for October totaled over $2.5 trillion, which is an 8% month-over-month decrease compared to last month.

On the other hand, the operational performance from August to September was the third-best month according to the brokerage in history, as the highest monthly trading demand in August surpassed $2.8 trillion.

In October 2021, the monthly trading volume at Exness passed the $1 trillion mark. During that time, trading volume on the platform did not fall below $2 trillion, making October the eighth month in a row.

The recent month-over-month decline in the multi-asset broker’s trading volume is also happening at other companies. Denmark-based broker, Saxo Bank, experienced a monthly decline of 13% in forex trading activity last month. Even so, Exness' October numbers gain more than 142% year-over-year compared to the same period last year.


There was a slight decline in the number of active clients on the trading platform. There were 365,343 active clients on the retail trading platform in October compared to September with a record of 368,151.

In other news, Exness is currently strengthening its presence in Europe and Asia and is now eyeing the African market after successfully securing two licenses, one in South Africa and one in Kenya.