Exness is continuing a bullish trend seen in February with trading volume hitting the $3 trillion mark for the first time in the company's history.

In February 2022, Exness reported a trading volume of $1.5 trillion, up 100% year over year. Since then, Exness has maintained its trading volume above the $2 trillion mark. The multi-asset broker breaks a record by breaking through $3 trillion in trading volume in February 2023. This achievement was an increase from January's volume of $2.82 trillion.

In January, a surge in active traders drove the impressive monthly trading volume. A total of 414,502 clients engaged in trading or maintained balanced operations, a significant increase of over 10.5% compared to the previous month's figure of 374,978.

In addition to trading volume, the number of Exness active clients in February has also recorded positive results with a year-on-year increase of 94.5% and successfully surpassed half a million active clients.

This is the result of Exness' hard work expanding into important markets this year, most notably in South Africa and Uruguay recently. Customer service operations will be conducted by the broker from their office in Uruguay, with plans to hire around 100 new employees by the end of the year.

As a broker supported by advanced technology and a spread of clients in more than 120 countries, Exness always offers its clients the most comfortable trading experience worldwide, especially by presenting the best trading conditions compared to other brokers.



In other news, Damian Bunce has been appointed as the new Chief Customer Officer of Exness after serving as the Chief Trading Officer since joining in January 2021. Exness emphasized that Bunce will play a crucial role in the company's ongoing growth in his new position as the official representative of the firm, responsible for enhancing its profile and reputation.

Damian Bunce, Chief Customer Officer, commented: "Our volumes reflect the healthy growth we see across all our internal management metrics, including high value clients and partners; we also see good growth in a few of our new markets. In February, crypto volumes were pretty consistent with yearly averages, energy volumes were down compared to 2022 levels, but given the macro economic environment, we saw substantial demand from our clients to trade FX Majors and Commodities."