December's trading volume of Exness, has seen its stand at $1.24 trillion, making December the second-best month in the broker’s operational history.

In December alone, Exness' trading volume soared to $1.24 trillion. This achievement makes Exness record a total monthly trading volume of over $1 trillion for three consecutive months. The multi-asset broker first touched the $1 trillion mark in October.

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Despite being headquartered in Cyprus, Exness already operates globally with a major market in Europe and has recently begun to focus on expanding its presence in the Asian region. In order to smoothen the expansion plan, a number of regulations were successfully pocketed, one of which was operation permits in South Africa that has been obtained last year.


Client Withdrawals Reaches $546 Million

On the other hand, monthly trading demand at brokers actually slipped 1.6 percent from the record reached in November. Even so, December remains the second-best month in the broker's operating history. However, it seems that Exness has nothing to worry about, since on a year-on-year basis, the company is up more than 84 percent, maintaining a steady rising in demand.

Not only trading demand, but the number of active clients month-over-month on the platform also decreased in December with 237,325 active traders, which is slightly lower than the previous month.

Furthermore, Exness reported that client withdrawals surged in the final quarter of 2021 to over $546 million, or 16.1 percent higher than the previous quarter. This causes Q4 2021 to record almost double the withdrawals compared to the last quarter of 2020.