Exness released the Trading Volume report which is slightly down. It is considered a normal cycle after reaching the peak a month before.

After reaching the top trading volume in March 2023, Exness reported a dip in April. On a monthly basis, the retail brokerage recorded $3 trillion, sliding 22.6 percent from $3.8 T. However, Exness' trading volume was still brighter on a year-on-year basis. It jumped 42.5% higher than the figure in April 2022. 

Even though the trading volume of April was slightly down, Exness remained above the milestone. The forex and CFD broker has just become one of the brokers with a $3T volume. That was the highest from when this broker was first established. The correction was considered a typical trend of some trading volume. Exness was not the only broker who experienced the downward cycle; so did the others.

Exness Active Traders also showed a decline. The Exness' clients who traded and balanced operations were 476,172 compared to 491,064 the month before. Exness got a flood of new customers during the pandemic, and when other companies experienced a decline. A broker's monthly trading volume report could inform the trader about the company's performance. 


The multi-asset broker's growth was sustained, thanks to the geographical expansion push. Exness expanded aggressively in emerging markets, especially in Asia, apart from its established European base. Now, the company seeks some opportunity in African Market by having a regulator license in South Africa and Kenya.