Online broker eToro introduces ValueGurus, a portfolio that provides clients access to 'best buys' to help them find the right asset.

eToro's Smart Portfolios have been the long-term investment solutions that offer diversified exposure with no management costs by pooling numerous assets under a specified methodology and adopting a passive investment technique.

eToro has recently built a portfolio based on the investing decisions of real-world financial professionals and influencers as an alternate answer to the present profusion of material on what is a 'buy' on social media. eToro examined the 13F filings of several significant mutual and hedge funds, including Baupost Group and ValueAct Capital, and captured their top positions in ValueGurus.


Dani Brinker, the Head of Investment Portfolios at the social investing company, explains that they are observing increasing financial content on Twitter and other social channels on defining a 'buy.' Aiming to assist retail investors in making more informed decisions in terms of investment, eToro is encouraged to introduce the client to a credible, publicly available tool that is worth considering during their decision process over some investment.

About the tool, Brinker said, "13F filings are a great financial tool as they provide additional transparency on the portfolio composition and the stocks chosen by the leading mutual and hedge funds. To help our users invest like them, we used 13F data to create a fully managed portfolio that provides them exposure to what the best in finance are buying."

Google, Mastercard, and Fiserv constitute the ten equities that comprise the initial portfolio, with an average weighted market valuation of more than USD$415 billion. The portfolio will be rebalanced every quarter once 13F filings are updated, where it will use an automated and back-tested technique to choose assets.

ValueGurus complements eToro's current portfolios, replicating the investing methods of renowned financial figures Warren Buffett, Edgar Wachenheim, and Carl Ichan.