eToro will distribute the remaining FLR tokens to eligible users, except users in the US and Germany, due to regional differences.

Online broker eToro announced they would soon start distributing FLARE tokens ($FLR) to eligible users. Flare Network plans to distribute tokens periodically for 36 months (as stated in their plan). The Israeli broker will endeavor to support the distribution of the remaining Flare tokens in the future and will incur a service fee.

Initially, FLARE tokens could not be traded on eToro. Once market conditions permit, tokens will be available as CLOSED positions only. If you close a FLARE token position, you cannot receive any further tokens, according to Flare Network policy.



Not All Users Will Get FLR

Unfortunately, the above information regarding the distribution of FLARE tokens does not apply to users in the US and Germany. Due to regional differences, eToro cannot provide FLARE tokens to specific users. Therefore, for those users, as soon as market conditions permit, the company will distribute the USD equivalent to their balance.

The Flare $FLR token distribution program supported by eToro is subject to various regulatory and other requirements, is not guaranteed to happen, and could be accompanied by further terms as applicable to eligible users and the mechanics of the distribution. The eligibility criteria and the manner and timing of such distributions are subject to change.