To enhance their commitment to trading security against the increasing cyber-attacks, BDSwiss announced that it has received two ISO certifications in Cyprus.

BDSwiss once again adds a reason for traders to be a broker to choose. After launching cybersecurity awareness earlier this month, the multi-regulated forex and CFD broker announced that it has received two ISO certifications in the regulatory security management systems and quality management.



Two institutions that issued ISO certification for BDSwiss are Cyprus-based TÜV and TÜV Hellas. Meanwhile, the types of ISO certifications achieved by BDSwiss are IS0 9001 which describes the integration of quality processes and ISO 27001 for infrastructure security.

What makes ISO certification so special? First, there are so many institutions not have successfully passed ISO certification yet. This means that BDSwiss has come out successful in obtaining a highly selective standard. Secondly, the certification of ISO is growing in popularity. More and more institutions are looking to gain prestige by acquiring it.

"The combined acquisition of these particular ISO classifications is not a very common occurrence, but one that continues to gain popularity across all industries - and rightly so. Considering the growth and evolution of malicious cybersecurity threats within the trading industry, we want to ensure neither we nor our clients fall victim to heinous online impropriety," said Christos Alatzidis, Chief Information & Technology Officer of BDSwiss.


BDSwiss is a broker based in Switzerland. However, the company has expanded into several European countries and Cyprus, then obtained regulations there. Furthermore, BDSwiss has been regulated in Seychelles recently.

Business expansion certainly requires a guarantee that the company is trusted, especially when the cyber attacks ramped up recently. Therefore, obtaining ISO certification proves that BDSwiss has trusted security management and supporting a cybersecurity awareness campaign which the broker began earlier this month. That campaign focuses on educating clients on how to adopt better online practices and behaviors. This can help them keep their accounts secure after registering in BDSwiss and deposit their funds.