Admirals to deliver a webinar on Pin Bar trading guide which will help clients understand and apply it to their trading strategy.

Do you want to know more about Pin Bar? You can improve your trading skills by studying Pin Bars and incorporating them into your trading strategy. How to? Together with Admirals, market expert Paul Wallace will take the time to review what a Pin Bar is in a new webinar series taking place on November 30th from 21:00 - 22:00 (Asia/Bangkok).

Paul Wallace is a professional financial trader with more than 27 years of experience working in competitive, results-driven, performance environments. He runs the trader evolution practice, Tradingbeliefs, which helps traders improve their performance.


This webinar, which is part of the Top Price Action series, focuses on how to build and apply a price action strategy to your trading. Each week, the global forex and CFD broker will focus on one element of price action trading and see how it is reflected in the live market. These Admirals live webinar sessions are ideal for beginner and intermediate traders looking to broaden their knowledge of price action trading. Through this webinar, you will find out:

  • What is a Pin Bar?
  • Where do they show up?
  • How can we use them in our Price Action Trading?

For those of you who have just joined Admirals, this webinar also provides an overview of:

  • What is Price Action Trading?
  • How to analyze the market
  • How to utilize the Admirals platforms 

In order to participate, please register with your Trader's Room email address or, if you do not have a Trader's Room account, enter a contact email instead. You can watch previous webinars on the official Admirals Youtube channel.