Demo Account Guide
Demo Account Guide

Low Spread Forex Brokers in Malaysia


Many brokers have establishments in Malaysia, but not all of them have competitive spreads. If you're a trader with specific needs to trade in a low spread environment, the list below can be a good recommendation.

For your information, low spreads are especially beneficial for scalpers, day traders, other strategy users that focus on short-term trading, and traders who want to minimize trading costs in general.

Apr 19 2024

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Additional FAQ

Forex trading in Malaysia is legal but recently, there have been a lot of gray areas. The regulatory body that oversees forex trading is the Securities Commission in Malaysia. If an unregulated broker performs illegal operations, the Securities Commission can only warn investors that the broker is unregulated.

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Malaysia is the country with the cheapest monthly cost of living, which is only around 4227RM or USD1018 per month. This country also has many interesting places for refreshing holidays, health services with competent and experienced medical personnel, as well as modern and sophisticated supporting equipment.

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A scalper can open and close 30 positions in a day. Say the broker charges a spread of 3 pips for every position, the profit average is 5 pips, the loss average is 3 pips, and the scalper makes 20 winning trades and 10 losing trades. The total profit and loss without the spread are:

(20 x 5) - (10 x 3) = 70 pips

If the spread is charged:

((20 x 5) - (10 x 3)) - (30 x 3) = -20 pips

The result is disappointing, right? Although they have made twenty profitable trades, the total profit/loss turns to minus once the spread is applied.

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Established in 1996, the statutory body is responsible for developing and administrating the Labuan International Business and Financial Centre (Labuan IBFC) to promote and develop Labuan as an international center for business and financial services. Labuan IBFC complements Malaysian financial industry through its strong regulatory and supervisory functions that are developed in accordance with international standards.

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