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FSC Regulated Forex Brokers with the Lowest Spread


The Financial Services Commission (FSC) in Mauritius is one of forex broker's regulatory agencies from an offshore jurisdiction. Similar to many offshore regulatory agencies, FSC Mauritius is attractive to a lot of forex brokers as the license is much cheaper compared to other onshore forex licenses. The availability of an offline representative in Mauritius is also quite favorable to some brokers as the country is located near Europe.

Some forex brokers licensed under FSC Mauritius are not only accepting clients from many countries, but also offering low spreads for traders. This low spread condition can help traders in saving their costs while trading on the forex market. Thus, a lower spread would be much better for traders. By here, we provide you a list of FSC regulated forex brokers with the lowest spread for traders.


Feb 21 2024

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Additional FAQ

Financial Services Commission Mauritius is the primary non-bank financial services regulator based in Mauritius. The FSC itself was first established in 2001 and later on was mandated under the Mauritius Financial services act of 2007. The main activities of FSC Mauritius are to license, regulate, and monitor the non-bank financial services activity conducted on the island.

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The biggest pull factor for a forex brokerage company to get a Mauritius FSC license is the fact that it is a lot cheaper when compared to a European forex license. Unlike other jurisdictions, the FSC Mauritius allows forex brokers to offer higher leverage.

Mauritius is one of the few places that enforce the lowest tax obligation, which makes it attractive for many forex businesses to conduct the financial transaction in this jurisdiction. The other reason forex brokers choose Mauritius is that because it is not a blacklisted country.

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A scalper can open and close 30 positions in a day. Say the broker charges a spread of 3 pips for every position, the profit average is 5 pips, the loss average is 3 pips, and the scalper makes 20 winning trades and 10 losing trades. The total profit and loss without the spread are:

(20 x 5) - (10 x 3) = 70 pips

If the spread is charged:

((20 x 5) - (10 x 3)) - (30 x 3) = -20 pips

The result is disappointing, right? Although they have made twenty profitable trades, the total profit/loss turns to minus once the spread is applied.

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Given the importance of spreads in day trading, it is essential to find a broker that offers low spreads. Lower spreads can help day traders reduce their trading costs, which in turn can lead to increased profits.

It is noteworthy that IC Markets stands out in this regard because it offers lower spreads compared to its counterparts. For instance, the average spread on the EUR/USD for IC Markets' standard account is around 0.62 pips while FP Markets' is around 1.2 pips.

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