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Nov 19 2022
FBS | Broker Specification | Other Review

بعد اشتراكى فى حساب (level up) وتدول 20 يوم فتحت فيهم 500 عملية بمقدار 0.01 لكل صفقة وكانت هذة شروط البونص حصلت على ملغ 382 دولار من اصل 140 ووصلتنى رسال تهنئة من الشركة لاتمام كل شروط البونص والان تم رفض الحساب ودون ابداء اسباب مرفق الصور

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BangladeshJeff Morgan
Account Number: (#583xxx)
  Nov 19 2022
Absolute Markets | Broker Specification | Other Review

I found absolutemarkets via a google search and since about 6months I trade using their broker, low spreads, and great services, that's what I am asking for.

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Account Number: (6017xxx)
  Nov 12 2022
Absolute Markets | Broker Specification | Other Review

SCAM BROKER that work together with the SCAM TRADER. YOUR MONEY WILL BE LOCKED FOREVER TILL YOUR ACCOUNT IS BLOWN to ZERO! First they link your account with the trader. Then they tell you that you cannot withdraw if there are still trades in the account. Then when there are no trades, there are open position opened by the stupid trader so they still cannot unlink your account. This trader blew my $500 to $300 in 1 week, winning trades were around $10, while losing ones are about $20. 1:2 losing ratio, anyone logical would know that it's a bad strategy. I am guessing that this scam broker work together with the trader to lose all your money so they can take everything. The trader is called Ultra FX Strategy, don't fall for their "daily PIPS wins", it's all a lie.

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Account Number: (355xxx)
  Nov 10 2022
IFC Markets | Broker Specification | Other Review

Good conditions for beginner traders, despite my experience, I do not like to risk large amounts, in a word, I tested the company and earned $500 in a week.

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Nov 10 2022
AdroFx | Broker Specification | Other Review

Hello,I would like to inform you that the leverage for gold is 1:100, not 1:500. I just check that with their help center. Thank you.

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United KingdomWajid Khan
Account Number: (csfx22113xxx)
  Nov 8 2022
Capital Street FX | Broker Specification | Other Review

Before opening an account in Capital Street FX, I read a lot about them. A lot of positive feedback. I decided to talk to the broker myself. They answered my questions in detail on live chat and email, and when I opened an account, they provided me with a deposit bonus. I checked out the execution and operation of their terminal. Really level up! The spread is not high and I have not seen strong extensions yet. While I work mainly in the plus. I am very glad that I have finally found a decent broker who is not afraid to work with me!

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Account Number: (51202102xxx)
Nov 5 2022
FxPro | Broker Specification | Other Review

FxPro is so nice offering several trading platforms. I have an experience working with Metatrader trading platforms, but I also would like to try a cTrader or FxPro trading platform. I think everyone can choose the one that suits.

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  Nov 1 2022
RoboForex | Broker Specification | Other Review

Worked with them for some time. I can't say that my trading is very successful. I had both good profits, and also big losses. But Roboforex do their job quite professional and fair. In general, working conditions and service are quite attractive.

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SwedenKevin Bruun
Account Number: (742201253xxx)
  Oct 31 2022
ActivTrades | Broker Specification | Other Review

There are many perks I got when I became their trader, and so many advantages to trading there. No dealing desk intervention is what gained my traction in the first place, but also the choices I have for indices and financials trading.

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IndiaVakpati N.
Account Number: (512201203xxx)
  Oct 30 2022
HYCM | Broker Specification | Other Review

I didn’t read many Hycm reviews, but I think this one hit the nail on the head and mentioned all the broker’s features in detail.
Hycm has almost no restrictions when it comes to trading activity. I’m speaking about the variety of trading accounts, platforms or instruments that every client is able to choose and apply in his trading practice.
The broker allows scalping as a form of trading also. This type of trading is allowed only by the top-tier brokers, as far as I’m concerned. Broker’s Raw account fits perfectly for this trading style. It offers the tightest spreads possible with rather low commissions. At least it’s the lowest commissions I’ve met in the market.
Generally speaking you want your broker to look like Hycm - reliable and competent.

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