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Pionex is a leading cryptocurrency exchange established in 2019.


Company Overview


Margin Trading

British Virgin Islands

24h Volume

The 24h volume statistics on Pionex signifies how much cryptocurrencies have been traded over the last 24 hours. This information is able to show the direction of currency movements as well as predict future prices and demand, so it plays a very important role as an indicator to help traders plan decisions. You can see the volume by currency and its market pair below.

Volume by Market Pair
Volume by Currency

Exchange Trade Volume (30d)


Depending on the Pionex coins you choose to trade or payment method you use, the payment fees can change. Pionex has an option to easily buy and sell crypto while offering some of the most competitive fee, such as 0.05%.

Deposit & Withdrawal

Before you trade money for crypto, you’ll need to deposit. Especially, for a first-timer, it will be easier to fund your account via fiat deposit. Pionex falls into this category by accepting USD.

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