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Forex Brokers in Kuwait


As a Middle East country that has an exceptionally steady economy and amazing currency performance, Kuwait has high standards in the worldwide financial markets. This country also follows Sharia laws to guarantee that all trading techniques applicable to Muslim dealers.

Kuwait's financial market is overseen by the Kuwait Investment Authority, which directly supervised by the Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK). Forex brokers in Kuwait are viewed as profoundly appropriate for trading, with capabilities to following international standards and loosen restriction compared with UE or USA regulators.

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If you are interested to open an account in one of the brokers in the list above, make sure to try the forex demo account before proceeding to register in the live account.

Additional FAQ

Here is the list of brokers suitable for trading with cross pairs:

  • IC Markets
  • Exness
  • TriumphFX
  • Pepperstone
  • FXCM
  • FBS

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Nowadays, the risks of forex broker scams keep increasing. A Segregated Account in a forex broker can make the management of the client account more accessible and more precise.

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There are several ways you can determine whether a broker is problematic or not. After all, there are some conditions that may not be the broker's fault. Here are the ways you can do:

  1. Determine the problem first. Is it really the broker's fault, or are there other factors involved?
  2. Make sure you have followed the rules. If you did, but still encounter issues, then it might be the broker that is the cause. 
  3. Ask the broker's customer support, with some proofs.
  4. Consult with other traders.

If it's proven that the broker is the root of the problem, take immediate action and look for another reliable broker.

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There are several checklists that a broker should have. Those are

  • Company
  • Website
  • Trading terminal
  • Liquidity
  • Office
  • Personnel

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