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Demo Account Guide

Forex Brokers in Hungary


Hungary committed to serious reforms and maintains a strict policy regarding the governance of business entities. The official regulator for financial markets in Hungary is MNB (Magyar Nemzeti Bank), which is the Hungary's central bank. MNB belongs to the European System of Central Banks.

Though most brokers often choose countries that do not officially belong to Western Europe, hoping to work under more flexible conditions and have no very strict regulations, but the laws in Hungary are not as lax as some might think. Brokers registered in Hungary can't operate as they wish. Those who want to avoid the law and manipulate the market should better close their offices and look for another country instead.

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If you are interested to open an account in one of the brokers in the list above, make sure to try the forex demo account before proceeding to register in the live account.


Finding the best forex broker in Hungary is not much different from choosing the right broker in general. Aside from making sure that the forex broker is available for client registration from Hungary, you need to check its regulation, minimum deposit, spread, leverage, payment methods, and other trading-related aspects that may affect your strategy. Furthermore, make sure that the broker has a good credibility and reliable customer support.

The list in this page can be a good reference if you look to trade with in Hungary. We have sorted specific forex brokers that accept clients from Hungary, so you can choose one of the brokers by comparing their minimum deposit, regulation, leverage, and rating. If you are interested to learn further about a certain broker, feel free to click the review button.

If you are a beginner and looking for the right broker to trade forex in Hungary, some aspects that you need to pay attention to are the low minimum deposit, demo account, and educational features. Apart from that, it's also better to make sure that the broker has good customer service because as a beginner, you may need to consult about broker services that still seem incomprehensible to you.

Additional FAQ

Several downsides of scalping make brokers forbid this practice, including the risk of overloading the servers. Aggressive scalpers can even open multiple positions within minutes. The broker's server can be overloaded if many scalpers perform that action several times daily.

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Dealing desk brokers are financial intermediaries that facilitate trades by taking the opposite side of their clients' positions. They often profit from the spread between the buying and selling prices they offer to traders.

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Some brokers offer PayPal because it is considered a trusted e-wallet company with high-quality services and many internet users are already familiar with it. Among those brokers are FxPro and eToro.

Each broker imposes different policies regarding the PayPal service. FxPro for example, would charge the clients a deposit fee of 2.7% and a processing time of at least 10 minutes, whereas for withdrawal, it is free of commission but takes at least 1 working day to process.

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There are four things we could check to recognize broker scams:

  1. Sensasional ads: They tend to promise a big number, sometimes unrealistic.
  2. Unproven regulations: Check out whether they are regulated and whether their regulations are legit.
  3. Untraceable contact: Find out if they have a legit communication line or real address.
  4. Bad reviews: Look at what people say about them.

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