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Demo Account Guide

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Recognizing the best forex brokers is not just a matter of making sure of its security and basic trading features. You may need to compare some of them to have more clarity when browsing through some information on forex brokers.

The table below provides what may be necessary for your journey in finding the most ideal broker. Remember to always put your conditions at the front when choosing a forex broker.

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Score Broker Country Regulation Min Deposit Max Leverage

If you are interested to open an account in one of the brokers in the list above, make sure to try the forex demo account before proceeding to register in the live account.

Additional FAQ

Offshore brokers refer to brokers who are established in countries other than your country of residence. Most commonly, it is referred to brokers who are located in areas away from mainlands such as in islands and other small, secluded countries. Saint Vincent and Grenadines is one of the popular places for offshore brokers to build their companies.

In theory, they are just like any other broker. They provide their services by acting as a middleman between you and the financial asset you wish you trade with. They offer you their services for a certain amount of spread or commission which varies by the asset being traded. However, with rewards also comes a reasonable amount of risk.

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Offshore brokers accept clients from any country without limitations. Therefore, they become an ideal option for Philippines traders who want to trade forex in their country. In terms of legality, offshore brokers typically have regulations from entities like:

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CySEC can be a great example where traders can have a guaranteed compensation scheme while enjoying all the perks that come with trading in an offshore regulated broker. With its ICF (Investor Compensation Fund) program, the Cyprus regulatory body manages to protect clients from unexpected losses when one of its members goes out of business. However, it should be noted that the scheme only applies to non-professional clients registered as individual traders.

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If a broker's "authorized", that means it has the authorization to operate at a certain capacity in a country, but not necessarily as a forex broker. The actual license may not be for a brokerage business, but it could eligible only for educational institutions, analysts, fund management, or others.

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