Juno Markets vs Interactive Brokers: Which One is Better for You?

Juno Markets vs Interactive Brokers, which one is better? Both brokers are often compared to each other to find which one comes out to be the better one. What many traders may not comprehend is that the best choice may differ for every one of them, and there's nothing wrong with it. To make it easier for you to decide which one is the best between Juno Markets vs Interactive Brokers, here is the direct comparison:

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General Rating 3.64/5
Trustpilot 4.7/5

rated by 67 users

rated by 1 users

General Information

Office(s) Vanuatu Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Hungary, United Kingdom and United States
Regulation Vanuatu Financial Services Commission, 40099
ASIC 453554
Central Bank of Ireland, 23.12.2020
CFTC/NFA, 0258600
FCA (UK), 208159
Hungarian National Bank, H-EN-III-623/2020
Monetary Authority of Singapore, CMS100917
SEC (US), 8-47257
Established 2014 1977
Minimum Deposit $100 $10000
Maximum Leverage 1:500 1:100
Spread Fixed Fixed
Commissions $4
Minimum Position 0.01 lot 0.25 lot
Payment AliPay, Bitcoin, Credit/debit cards, Ethereum, FasaPay, Neteller, Skrill, Tether (USDT), UnionPay and Wire transfer BPAY, Check and Wire transfer
Official Website Visit Juno Markets Visit Interactive Brokers

Account Variations

Segregated Account
Islamic Account
PAMM Account
Managed Account
LAMM Account
MAM Account
Forex Demo Account

Trading Requirements

US traders are welcome
Requires sending documents via postal mail
Overnight interest rates (swaps)
Trading by telephone

Trading Features

Trading contests
Automated trading
Interest rate on funds
Bonus offers
Free education
Personal manager
Affiliate program

Trading Platforms and Complements

Mobile trading
Browser-based platform
Trading via API
One-click trading
Trailing stop
Pending orders
One-Cancels-Other (OCO) orders

Instruments Traded

Spread betting
Gold & silver
Binary options
Soft commodities

Customer Support

Website Languages Chinese, English, Indonesian, Vietnamese Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish
Email Support
Call Support
Chat Support


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User Reviews


Oct 9 2020

Very easy and and straightforward trading platform and broker compare to other that I've used. Kudos Juno Markets and keep on moving forward.


Oct 8 2020

The staffs are very patient in guiding you in using their platform, and they have a free webinars on how to analyze charts


Oct 7 2020

  • Even though I am a beginner I am very happy with the services provided by this broker. I feel very comfortable. Best broker. Extraordinary things can be a part of it.


Oct 6 2020

Juno Markets a good broker, a very fast deposit process that only takes a few minutes and a fast withdrawal process also only takes a few hours, the available spares are also good, not too wide. Highly recommend the broker Juno Markets.


Oct 5 2020

Juno Market is one of the best broker. Very simple deposit and witdrawal is very fast. So I suggestion to join in this broker.

Miily Brown

Oct 4 2020

Very Very good broker!! best broker that I've been with no hastle for deposits and withdrawals very fast, 5 star for Costumer Service. Very Recommended! Dbest!


Oct 3 2020

Very good broker. The senior manager very very carefull with client. Some time the broker give a bonus, and the bonus can be withdraw so quickly, 5 stars for you.


Oct 2 2020

2 months before ive got zero knowledge in trading. but junomarkets helps me to gain knowledge and gain in trading. they have webinars that helps beginners to succeed in this kind of business. im so glad someone introduced junomarkets to me. im trading my live account now and its gaining.


Oct 1 2020

Junomarket is a good broker. Fast the deposit and widraw. Don't ask how the service is, they are friendly. So you should try this broke.

Helen K

Sep 11 2020

Everything with Juno have been smooth so far. But their limited option for deposit or withdrawal need to consider. Recommended tho.

Monica Jensenn

Sep 11 2020

Juno is a cool broker. Awesome broker. Quick deposit and withdrawal process. Their simplicity is the best.


Sep 11 2020

Juno Markets is the best broker ever. Low spread, free commission, free swap, quick funds related.

Sarah Baker

Sep 11 2020

Absolutely no issue with this broker, quick documents verification, fast order executions, helpful customer service and IB multi app for customer service trough your phone.

Charlotte Lin

Sep 11 2020

I have been trading with Juno have several time system down due to server, but they refund back what I loss. They also provided daily technical analysis to help trader make analysis.

Greg BostoN

Sep 11 2020

really easy to open and account and they have a good customer service. they spread are really quite nice to take order and closed order.

Edwin Park

Sep 11 2020

I am a newbie and I am very happy with the services provided by this broker. Extraordinary things can be a part of it.


Sep 11 2020

Recommended for the newbie. The best in terms of service, withdrawals, spread and many more. Praying for more winnings.


Sep 11 2020

Best broker. Fast withdrawal, fast deposit for local bank and the support is very active.

Matthew Connors

Sep 25 2020

Junomarket is a good broker. They do not finding requots or failed transactions when there is news. Fast deposit and withdrawal processes. The service is also very friendly. So you should try this broker.

Millie L

Sep 11 2020

Juno Markets is a good broker, however, they don't have cryptocurrencies.

Mona Huang

Aug 14 2020

I have worst CS moment here. They are a bit unprofessional. Every time I called, they are always rude and rushing me. No patient, always asking me to figure out from their website.

De La Cruz

Aug 10 2020

While the platform is good. When you have a problem you can't get to speak to anyone. I have tried numerous times and you wait on hold for a long time more than 20 mins in any case and I have just abandoned the call without getting any resolution.


Aug 10 2020

The web site does not always connect you may have to log on a number of times to connect. The notifications such as messages do not come up when clicked on, this also usually takes several attempts.


Aug 10 2020

The platform is absolutely solid and the folks at IB work continuously to improve it. The customer service, some years ago was mediocre, has improved markedly; and is very good at the present time. The cost to trade is very competitive.
I would recommend the platform.


Aug 9 2020

Pros: Fast, Inexpensive
Cons: Terrible Scanner, Horrible Charts, Customer Services

Brianne Jeunh

Aug 8 2020

My application for an interactive brokers account took weeks to review. After those weeks, they sent me a message indicating that they were unhappy with my proof of address and wanted another one. I provided another one several weeks ago, but it's still not reviewed.

Martin James

Aug 7 2020

Support staffs sometimes provide wrong info. Mobile platform is many times laggy.

Kelly Faith

Aug 7 2020

I'm simply tired of fighting access to my account. Tired of trying to make recently added additional investment account available like my initial accounts. Tired of the ineffective phone support that can't do anything but talk with you about helping you fix your account.


Aug 6 2020

I’m really happy with interactive brokers it’s the most complete platform I have used people say it’s complicated for beginners but honestly it took me a couple minutes to set up all my charts and everything I need besides there’s no comisión being a platform that offers ibkr lite.


Aug 5 2020

Exceptionally difficult barriers to entry as a new customer. Customer service is not well trained in solving problems for new clients. Instructions for entry are not definitive and subject to different interpretation.

Rich GG

Jul 31 2020

Their low spreads and cheap commissions are features that I love the most. Good executions, they are geared towards professional traders. So not the best for people who are just starting out or trade little.

State traders

Jul 31 2020

Solid execution, numerous markets, low costs, good technology. It's not an easy platform to learn but as a platform for executing my trading strategies, this is a very good broker.


Jul 30 2020

Their IB is either trading against you OR, allowing one of their large clients to. There seems to be either a delay in the data or a total disconnect with the time and sales data emanating from IB that is always to the disadvantage to my account. So you all better avoid this broker.


Jul 30 2020

Deposits are easy. But no withdrawals/wires. I followed their directions to a tee and they still refused/declined it.

John Christ

Jul 29 2020

They have so much hidden fees. Please avoid at all cost. Don't let their low commission trades full you, they will make it all up with hidden fees. My Roth IRA has been charged with crazy amount of fees. Trying them out was the worst thing I ever did.

Sierra Kehls

Jul 29 2020

They took my money, defrauded my account, failed to disclose all fees. Hopefully their company will be arrested for these frauds. I am experienced investor and have never been financially violated before.


Jul 28 2020

Chaotic margin handling and extremely poor and bad customer service. Bay far the worst CS. Inexpert and bounder. Rarely receive specific answer to my questions.

ED Alabama

Jul 28 2020

If they had zero stars I would have given it to them. I've been trying to get my money back been over 10 days decided to call and they told me I needed a photo ID. I believe they required this when I set my account up. Had I not called I would never had known. Plain and simple they suck stay away.

Anthony Panayo

Jul 28 2020

Terrible to deal with. Website is next to useless. Can't access tax reports. Very unhelpful when ring them up. Once I was locked out and they wont reset my password.


Jul 28 2020

I was not even notified that my account was closed. They sold my shares without my knowledge and closed my account. To me this is theft. If I was getting charged a fee you would at least think they would send you a statement. I received nothing from this company.

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Which one has the better spread?

Considering that spread is a trading cost, the lower the spread, the better it is for traders. However, spread information among brokers is not easy to get, as not every broker transparently publishes their spreads data.

However, traders can still choose their ideal brokers by the type of their spreads. The most two popular types of spread are fixed and variable. The pros and cons between the two spreads can vary for every trader. In this case, Juno Markets provides their pricing with Fixed while Interactive Brokers offers Fixed.

Juno Markets vs Interactive Brokers: Who hosts the best trading platform?

The trading platform is essential as you can't execute a trade without it. Additionally, trading platforms provide price charts and an assortment of analytical tools to help traders with their strategies.

To support their clients, Juno Markets enables trading with MetaTrader 4. The offer is supported with Mobile trading, One-click trading, Trailing stop, Pending orders. In comparison, Interactive Brokers provides trading with Web Trader (SerSart), FX-Trader, Trader Workstation with the support of Browser-based platform, One-click trading, Trailing stop, Pending orders.

Is Juno Markets or Interactive Brokers better in providing the trading instruments?

It is widely known that forex brokers offer other trading instruments other than currency pairs. The offer gives interesting choices for traders to explore other markets that may be proven beneficial for them and to diversify their trading portfolios.

In this case, Juno Markets supports trading with Forex, Gold & silver, CFD, Stocks, while Interactive Brokers presents the ability of trading with Forex, Gold & silver, CFD, Stocks, Options, Futures, Bonds, ETF, Cryptocurrencies.

In conclusion, deciding the better broker eventually comes down to your consideration. If you are an active trader, it is better to choose a broker with a variable spread that is generally lower than the fixed one. For the trading platform, MetaTrader 4 is the standard choice for every trader. But if you want to have a different experience with a more advanced platform, choose the broker that provides alternative platforms. The same goes for trading instruments; if you want to try delving into different markets, seek for a broker with more options on trading instruments.

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