FxPro vs FIBOGroup: Which One is Better for You?

FxPro vs FIBOGroup, which one is better? Both brokers are often compared to each other to find which one comes out to be the better one. What many traders may not comprehend is that the best choice may differ for every one of them, and there's nothing wrong with it. To make it easier for you to decide which one is the best between FxPro vs FIBOGroup, here is the direct comparison:

Feature FxPro FIBOGroup


General Rating 3.72/5
Trustpilot 3.3/5

General Information

Office(s) Bahamas, Cyprus, Monaco, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom Austria, British Virgin Islands, Chile, China, Cyprus, Germany, Kazakhstan, Russian Federation, Singapore, Ukraine
Regulation CySEC, 078/07
DFSA (Dubai), F003333
FCA (UK), 509956
FSCA (South Africa), 45052
CySEC, 118/10
FSC (BVI), SIBA/L/14/1063
Established 2006 1998
Minimum Deposit $100 $1
Maximum Leverage 1:50 1:1000
Spread Variable Variable
Commissions $4.50 $3
Minimum Position 0.01 lot 0.01 lot
Payment Credit/debit cards, Neteller, PayPal, Skrill, UnionPay, Wire transfer Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, CashU, Credit/debit cards, DIXIPAY, Ethereum, FasaPay, Local bank transfer, Neteller, Perfect Money, QIWI, Skrill, WebMoney, Wire transfer

Account Variations

Segregated Account
Islamic Account
PAMM Account
Managed Account
LAMM Account
MAM Account

Trading Requirements

US traders are welcome
Requires sending documents via postal mail
Overnight interest rates (swaps)
Trading by telephone

Trading Features

Trading contests
Automated trading
Interest rate on funds
Bonus offers
Free education
Personal manager
Affiliate program

Trading Platforms and Complements

Mobile trading
Browser-based platform
Trading via API
One-click trading
Trailing stop
Pending orders
One-Cancels-Other (OCO) orders

Instruments Traded

Spread betting
Gold & silver
Binary options
Soft commodities

Customer Support

Website Languages Arabic, Chinese, Czech, English, French, German, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Urdu, Vietnamese Arabic, Chinese, English, German, Indonesian, Persian, Russian, Spanish
Email Support
Call Support
Chat Support

User Reviews

Damian Cole

Sep 10 2020

over all a good offer and well supported broker. no real issues just not a fan of the lay out and style as i find it hard to navigate around. good leverage and timely response for support


Sep 9 2020

brokerage offers fast orders execution, as I understood that's because some orders are filled inside the company and the rest that haven't find pair is delivered to the market

Julian Gillard

Sep 8 2020

i think fxpro has a unique spread, fxpro with their unique raw spread (ECN) i made so much profit. i will always recommend fxpro. One negative for FxPro is the absence of guaranteed stop‑loss orders. Some brokers offer this feature for a fee, but this is not offered by FxPro at all.

Sulaiman J

Sep 7 2020

hello, actually FXPRO is not a good broker, they stay good if your balance is less than your deposits, when going up with your balance they start to play against you by elevating the spread markedly ( in times of NO news

McNair Sullivan

Sep 6 2020

Support is good and responsive, I like the ability to access the platform from my mobile and pc, withdraws take around 3 days on average which is ok. I don't like the lack of assets and spreads on some assets are quite high. Overall great!

Clara Jasmine

Sep 5 2020

fxpro seem to have a great advertinsing method to bring you in. however i have serious delays with withdrawing winning amounts. on average it takes 4 weeks. especially via wire transfer.


Sep 4 2020

They have good customer support. if you have a problem that can be handled, they solve it within short time. Money withdrawals flawless. The only problem is more than average spreads. Other than this, no problem.

James Hideon

Sep 4 2020

FXpro are not a proper Forex broker. They only like losing traders. As soon as you win big they freeze your account & stop you withdrawing funds. They should be avoided. Beware.


Sep 3 2020

i ll give fx pro a good remark, i have been trading with them for a long time execution is excellent, though they have issues at times during news. when i ever i withdraw it takes about 7 working days to reflect in my account. formally it was three days. i really enjoy trading with them

Felton Flakes

Sep 2 2020

I used fxpro for 6 months then I closed my account after gaining profit. Withdrawal process takes 2 days on my bank account. Trusted broker.


Sep 1 2020

I have FXPro MT4 floating spreads account now but I've started with fixed spreads and had to switch later. Fixed spreads and 0 commissions were a good deal. Overall the experience with the broker is nice and I don’t see much of a reason to complain. They support various trading platforms, tons of assets, have got a reliable regulation, which is very important imo.


Aug 31 2020

I can’t claim the promotion on ultrafast executions are true, because I simply don’t understand how I can measure this parameter. It’s good enough that the market orders don’t slip. Their full transparency of orders executions is excellent. That was pleasant to get explanations on internal order flow in the company and most importantly the explanations were written in a normal language so it's eady to understand.

Harry Jones

Aug 30 2020

My contact details are being misused. Since I signed up for a demo account, I get daily calls from different national and international phone numbers from people with bad pronunciation to sell me something dubious. This is not a reputable broker.


Aug 29 2020

I am now having constant phone calls (most days) from 3rd parties telling me they are Fxpro - Bloomberg etc should pull any association - these guys are crooks and up to no good... Please stay away and keep safe.


Aug 28 2020

As soon as you register you start getting unsolicited calls from 3rd party call centers in India offering trading products.
They probably sold my data and shared my number, full name and account details as the caller always confirms sensitive personal information that I registered on FXpro's website.


Aug 27 2020

I don’t why this broker don’t allow hedging. In this days???? This is clearly to try and raise more transaction costs (spreads/commission).


Aug 26 2020

One of the definite pros of the broker is the speed and reliability of executions. They do a great job in this area of their responsibilities. I'm really pleased with the fills I get here. The support of a cTrader platform is excellent. They’ve got excellent trading conditions for cTraders and IMHO the platform itself is definitely beating Metatrader by all the key features.

Andy Bryne

Aug 25 2020

Recommended by one the traders I know and so far I don't have any regrets about following the advise. The other apps I've tried before were very unstable even in demo-mode. Here both demo and live work perfectly well, which I'm quite happy about.

John Miller

Aug 22 2020

Please stay away from this company. They keep calling me from different numbers. Over the last 3 days they have called several times a day with agressive sellers. Told them I have no interest. Wrote support - asked them to delete my account. No effect.

Nanda James

Aug 11 2020

I loss money, but I won't blame the brokers. They wd and depo process is easy.

Baba Trader

Jul 24 2020

I want to review my flagship broker FXPRO because I think this broker is quite satisfying!

First, I'm impressed with the performance of the MT4 platform. Second, the withdrawal only takes 30-40 minutes. Third, the query is small and the execution of the SL is exactly what I stated. This broker's disadvantages may only be on the spread. I hope FXPro makes something new in terms of spread.

Abraham Jecht

Jul 24 2020

I'm happy with a broker that offering floating spreads with competitive quotes. I rarely know about FXPro, but at other brokers, many say that if there is news, the spread can widen crazily to 60-80 pips. Woww


Jul 24 2020

I have 2 accounts, one at FXPro and the other at InstaForex

For almost 4 years, both deposits and WD are easy, maximal within 24 hours

FXPro spreads are volatile, but for a minimum lot of 0.1 equivalent to 1 USD per pip, while Insta spreads are fixed 3 pips and lots 0.001 is equivalent to 0.001 USD.

Which one has the better spread?

Considering that spread is a trading cost, the lower the spread, the better it is for traders. However, spread information among brokers is not easy to get, as not every broker transparently publishes their spreads data.

However, traders can still choose their ideal brokers by the type of their spreads. The most two popular types of spread are fixed and variable. The pros and cons between the two spreads can vary for every trader. In this case, FxPro provides their pricing with Variable while FIBOGroup offers Variable.

FxPro vs FIBOGroup: Who hosts the best trading platform?

The trading platform is essential as you can't execute a trade without it. Additionally, trading platforms provide price charts and an assortment of analytical tools to help traders with their strategies.

To support their clients, FxPro enables trading with MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, Mobile Trading Platform, cTrader, Web Trading. The offer is supported with Mobile trading, Browser-based platform, Trading via API, One-click trading, Trailing stop, Pending orders. In comparison, FIBOGroup provides trading with MetaTrader 4 (Limited with 60 days of inactivity), MetaTrader 5 (Limited with 60 days of inactivity), cTrader (Limited with 60 days of inactivity) with the support of Mobile trading, Browser-based platform, Trading via API, One-click trading, Trailing stop, Pending orders.

Is FxPro or FIBOGroup better in providing the trading instruments?

It is widely known that forex brokers offer other trading instruments other than currency pairs. The offer gives interesting choices for traders to explore other markets that may be proven beneficial for them and to diversify their trading portfolios.

In this case, FxPro supports trading with Forex, Stocks, Futures, Indexes, Metals, Energies, while FIBOGroup presents the ability of trading with Forex, Gold & silver, CFD, Oil, Futures, Cryptocurrencies.

In conclusion, deciding the better broker eventually comes down to your consideration. If you are an active trader, it is better to choose a broker with a variable spread that is generally lower than the fixed one. For the trading platform, MetaTrader 4 is the standard choice for every trader. But if you want to have a different experience with a more advanced platform, choose the broker that provides alternative platforms. The same goes for trading instruments; if you want to try delving into different markets, seek for a broker with more options on trading instruments. To help you decide, this article here presents complete information on what you have to consider when choosing a forex broker:

Trade with the Best Broker, Win Like a Boss

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