FBS vs ActivTrades: Which One is Better for You?

FBS vs ActivTrades, which one is better? Both brokers are often compared to each other to find which one comes out to be the better one. What many traders may not comprehend is that the best choice may differ for every one of them, and there's nothing wrong with it. To make it easier for you to decide which one is the best between FBS vs ActivTrades, here is the direct comparison:

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General Rating 3.28/5
Trustpilot 3.5/5

rated by 172 users

rated by 598 users

General Information

Office(s) China, Egypt, Indonesia, Korea (Republic of), Malaysia and Thailand Bahamas, Italy, Luxembourg and United Kingdom
Regulation ASIC 426359
CySEC, 331/17
IFSC (Belize), IFSC/60/230/TS/12
DFSA (Dubai), F003511
FCA (UK) 434413
Established 2009 2001
Minimum Deposit $1 $100
Maximum Leverage 1:3000 1:400
Spread Fixed Fixed
Commissions $6
Minimum Position 0.01 lot 0.01 lot
Payment Credit/debit cards, FasaPay, Local bank transfer, Neteller, Perfect Money, Skrill, UnionPay and Wire transfer Credit/debit cards, Neteller, PayPal, Skrill, SOFORT and Wire transfer
Official Website Visit FBS Visit ActivTrades

Account Variations

Segregated Account
Islamic Account
PAMM Account
Managed Account
LAMM Account
MAM Account
Forex Demo Account

Trading Requirements

US traders are welcome
Requires sending documents via postal mail
Overnight interest rates (swaps)
Trading by telephone

Trading Features

Trading contests
Automated trading
Interest rate on funds
Bonus offers
Free education
Personal manager
Affiliate program

Trading Platforms and Complements

Mobile trading
Browser-based platform
Trading via API
One-click trading
Trailing stop
Pending orders
One-Cancels-Other (OCO) orders

Instruments Traded

Spread betting
Gold & silver
Binary options
Soft commodities

Customer Support

Website Languages Arabic, Bengali/Bangla, Burmese, Chinese, English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Laothian, Malay, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Urdu, Vietnamese Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
Email Support
Call Support
Chat Support


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User Reviews


Jul 28 2020

I have a good experience with FBS. The withdrawal is super fast

A couple of days ago I placed pending order but I found it not executed correctly so it's a bit disappointing. Hope it doesn't happen again

t. morozov

Jul 28 2020

Honestly, it's been 1 year since I opened an account in FBS and I never face any significant problem. Once I got a deposit problem due to the bad quality of the proof of payment. They requested me to resend the picture and all was good after that. For me they have the best withdrawal and client support

Always Andrews

Jul 28 2020

I've tried withdrawing from my account 3 times and the total amount of withdrawal was $1500. I never run into problems. Everything's fine within 3 hours, and my trades are always executed perfectly.

Thanks FBS. Hope you can maintain your quality and keep being a trusted broker. I intend to trade for the long term after all

Da Perry Black

Jul 28 2020

Imo FBS gives the best analysis to improve my trading performance.

Also, their promotion and contests are awesome



Jul 28 2020

Thank God everything's fine and I never meet any trouble trading with FBS. Every broker has their advantages and disadvantages, we just have to optimize the advantages and minimize the risk from the disadvantages.


Henry day

Jul 28 2020

In my experience, FBS never gives me problems even when I requested some $1000 withdrawals. The process only took 2 hours most of the time.

My deposits are also great. Every time I'm researching a potential broker, I always read their terms and conditions, their promotions' pros and cons, so that I can never be trapped by said conditions.

Always put cautions when you trade and you will be safe trading in every broker.


Jul 28 2020

This broker actually suits me so well. Their deposit, withdrawal, and verification are all smooth. 5 stars for them!!!



Jul 28 2020

I'm sure everything will go well if we follow their terms accordingly. Like when we transfer funds, we should attach the proof for validation. I believe FBS is a professional broker considering their years of experience in this industry

Robert Baker

Jul 28 2020

FBS is good enough for me.. no problem so far.

Those who have problems with this broker... I never understand them. They're mostly trolls from competing brokers

Ivan Sokolov

Jul 28 2020

I trade in FBS because of their efficiency in deposit and withdrawal. Sadly, their service has worsened lately. They used to process payment in hours now they can take up to more than a day

Lia Adm

Jul 27 2020

why is it so long to get pin recovery. i never receive help from the support. I need to withdraw my money!

Teddy Wallace

Jul 27 2020

I wonder why it's so difficult to log in the personal area even after I input the right email and password smh


Jul 27 2020

I used to be an FBS client. I changed broker cz they failed my withdrawal requests. With the same trading strategy, I can be profitable and withdraw my fund in another broker.

FBS still has my respect, and I still have a plan to trade with them... maybe someday if I have disposable money. They have a good service for newbies after all.

The thing is, I hope they fix some things so clients can get better service. One instance is their PIN Recovery. It'd be better if they enable clients to click the code repeatedly, or just send it via email.

The one click policy is really bothering for most clients... and it's so unfortunate since any investment activity should not be bothered by such trivial matter.


Jul 27 2020

First Impression: quick account opening and instant deposit.

But when it's time to withdraw, there's an incorrect pin notification. It's weird as I never change the pin.

What's worse is I have requested pin recovery for 5 times, each request takes up to 24 hours for verification, and every one of them always results with similar email replies; none of them takes me to a certain page revealing my new pin.

Ian Thompson

Jul 27 2020

What an amazing experience I have with FBS.... Deposit went super fast. Now, what about the withdrawal? is everything still the same if I request $1000 withdrawal?


Jul 27 2020

This broker is ok for me. Account funding is good without the fixed rate, quick process, and the MT4 server is also great. It is only the withdrawal that I'm not sure about.


Jul 23 2020

I don't have the slightest intention to smear their reputation, but what they did to me is just too cruel.

They did me wrong in so many things. But the most hurtful one is when they manipulate the closing price. Imagine to always got your price chopped when you're in the profit and to always have your price added when you're loss. Yes!! That's what happens to me regularly.

Just consider wisely before choosing this broker. You will find that you lost your money most of the times with this broker.

Philip Carl

Jul 23 2020

I had the worst experience trading with FBS.

I opened a Buy Stop on EU a few days ago, but the order was executed when the price moved lower. I checked it later and there was no evidence that the pair visited my Buy Stop level.

I've sent many complaints about it via email. And sadly none of them haven't been answered. Where is their responsibility????


Jul 23 2020

I like FBS better and better every day. Their condition is one of (if not) the most accommodating for every type of traders. It really puts them in a high position among other brokers. Their cent account with leverage up to 1:1000 is a great opportunity for small traders to profit immensely.

Andrea Maxwell

Jul 23 2020

I'm one of FBS' loyal clients. I can testify that their payment process is always quick (only 1-2 hours), with low spread and responsive client support.

Their 60% deposit bonus is also very helpful as a trading credit. I manage to earn more than 500$ with the bonus.

El Major

Jul 23 2020

Not bad. I give them 7.5/10.

Just wish that they keep prioritizing their clients and not make their tricks too harmful for clients' funds.


Jul 23 2020

why did it take so long just to make a deposit.. argh!!


Jul 23 2020

Spread in my GBPUSD trades suddenly went up to 700 pips, but it benefited me since I place the trades in the correct position. But then my profits were canceled. Isn't it an obvious sign that they really manipulate the pricing?


Jul 23 2020

I almost "cheated" on my current broker to trade with FBS. What makes me avoid trading with this broker is the negative rumours spread among my trader friends. They said that getting verified in FBS is a nightmare. Also, the bonuses are mostly unwithdrawable.

Tinke Natalie

Jul 23 2020

Watch out for their bonus programs. Trading with the bonus account can disrupt your margin level. One of my clients got MC although his margin level is still 1000%. In my opinion, this kind of condition really mess up the money management. However, it's true that their withdrawal process is top-notch.


Jul 23 2020

A little fact about this broker, they like to increase spreads on pending orders. At times it can even reach 40 pips. I saw it with my own two eyes a couple of weeks ago in my GU trades. 

But I think it's quite normal even though some reviews have said the same thing about their "interest" to disturb GU spreads.

Speaking of withdrawal and deposit, I gotta admit that FBS is pretty good with them. They also give some traders 30% bonus for deposit to add their margin. Execution is fine and I never meet requotes

Abys Ryan

Jul 23 2020

They said withdrawals only take 1-3 hours, but the fact is I haven't got my fund in more than 2 days. Where does my money go? It's like they disappear up in the air

Didier Z

Jul 23 2020

I sometimes doubt FBS considering their bad rep among traders. Most of their reviews are negative especially concerning their SL/TP execution that result in so many loss positions.

Edwin Calahan

Jul 23 2020

A few days ago my hedging position got MC. They put back my positions only after I emailed them about it.

Just so you know, spread widening is their go-to answer for this kind of problem

Dicky Shepherd

Jul 23 2020

I'm so disappointed in FBS. They modified my SL to increase my loss and canceled my Pending Order without any reason. I later learn that my Pending Order would've been ended up with profit if it was not canceled.


Jul 23 2020

I lost my trades two times just because of the MT4's poor performance. Their platform somehow differs from other brokers', both for the pricing and the indicator application. They failed my Stoploss so many times it makes me wonder why it seems like they don't bother to conceal their fraud at all

Nigel Peterson

Jul 23 2020

Most of the time the platform will disconnect. When it re-connects everything becomes lagging.


Jul 23 2020

This broker is a thief

When the market watch shows 00.00-02.00, the spread will jump and it can be up to 12 pips.

This is what makes many traders loss imo

Anders G.madsen

Jul 23 2020

Try to use an EA and u'll find many requotes and invalid prices

Marteen Khyrs

Jul 23 2020

After suffering an MC I was traumatized for two years. But then I found FBS about a year ago and I can say that their service is near perfect. The server is reliably fast and my withdrawal is accepted in less than 24 hr.

No requote in sight so far...

Alan 1156

Jul 23 2020

The most accomplished broker I know. Almost all of the necessary trading feature is here. Withdrawal via local banks is also available, n the process is super fast XD


Jul 23 2020

Two thumbs up for FBS. It is one of the most recommended brokers. They have customer support like no other. They don't make excuses. During my 1.5 year experience with them, everything's still fine.

Steve Wayne

Jul 23 2020

I've tried trading here with low deposit and the service is pretty satisfying. Each problems are replied within 24 hours. I hope my withdrawal next month is also good, fast, and simple. Go FBS!

N Atika

Jul 15 2020

FBS cheated my xau/usd trade. I got MC at 1480.93 while the price on MT4 is at 1479.39...

Vladimir R.

Jul 15 2020

I'm very struck by the possibility of operating pharmaceutical actions with FBS. In these times of the Coronavirus, the health issue is in the first place, it's interesting to be able to trade the shares of pahrmaceutical companies.

Amelia Cafiero

Oct 7 2020

Good company and everything is awesome. They halp me so much and are so kind.


Oct 6 2020

They are good with Chinese. Thumbs up. Because English is not my 1st language.


Oct 5 2020

Everytime I contact on live chat, they give me the solutions and help so next time I can do the problem myself without going through support over and over again.


Oct 4 2020

Professional, friendly and excellent service

Yellow Butterfly

Oct 3 2020

It was okay for the start. I would choose other brokers with the knowledge nowadays! Customer service was always good.


Oct 2 2020

This company is different they mix respect with simplicity, modesty, courtesy, and expertly. This what made feel very proud and confidence to be one of the participants in this company.

Nathan Dawkin

Oct 1 2020

Great spreads but most impressive was how quickly you are able to transfer funds between trading a/cs with different base currencie

James Scott

Sep 30 2020

Very happy with all the services, also the prepaid master card, the help in setting up different accounts etc. and not to forget the super fast chat service.


Sep 29 2020

Traded with them 2 years ago and everything was great until now.


Sep 28 2020

I've been happy with ActivTrades and never had any problems. I guess inexperienced traders have the tendency to blame the broker for their losses. ActivTrades' support is good, platforms are well developed and have regular updates with new features added, they do live webinars and events. I'd recommend them, really. Also they were one of the most popular brokers when i was searching for one.

Jasmine Elle

Sep 27 2020

Excellent broker, my number one! Quick execution of orders, no problem with cash withdrawal. Rich education center, great services. I highly recommend!


Sep 26 2020

I've been trading with ActivTrades for nearly 5 years, and that I am very content of their service. There is one thing I actually like about this broker is their enhanced client protection scheme. In general, I've got no problem to date, fast execution. Funds and withdrawals are with none problems. Sensible choice on behalf of me.

Julian Raye

Sep 25 2020

I’m unaccustomed this broker but lately, it's been so good. I changed for this broker thanks to low spreads and margin levels up to 1:400, allowing me to thrive with my scalping strategies. Low latency plus zero requotes and that I can fully depend upon the 24/5 support, on behalf of me vital because I trade Asian session. they're also regulated by the FCA.

Bruno Walker

Sep 24 2020

I like this broker. Great services, excellent order execution, good spreads, many educational opportunities, effortless withdrawal of funds. They get thumbs up from me.


Sep 23 2020

Brokerage makes it very difficult to create withdrawals, I have been quite 24 hours with a withdrawal processing for Neteller, until I lose my patience and cancel it. I made another and it'll be 24 hours, besides they are doing not let me take the entire money using only 1 method of withdrawal, put an excessive amount of difficulty.


Sep 22 2020

Just to slow with the KYC procedure documents. After deposit they rummage around for reason to permit you trading. Withdrawal request placed. It'd take ages to induce the money back. Demo leverage up to 400. Real account only 1:30.

Devina Khamid

Sep 21 2020

Support is slow when it involves elicit reports, tax, etc. Some recurrent connection problems at London servers. Slow execution times are bad for professional clients, about 200-400 ms!!! (As I traded first as retail and later as Pro I've found this unacceptable difference).

Irwin Jones

Sep 20 2020

Deposit and withdrawal are fast with no commissions under SEPA territory. Swaps are reasonable. Few slippage. Fast excution times under ESMA

Albert Sutomo

Sep 5 2020

Their document process is pretty slow. After deposit they search for reason to to allow you trading. Withdrawal request placed. It might take ages to get the money back. Their condition on demo and live account didn't sync. Demo up to 400 but real only 30. The difference is too big.

Salma Ness

Sep 11 2020

Trading with them since 2 years ago and everything was great. Been trying other broker also but I got scammed. Now I am using activTrades only.

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Which one has the better spread?

Considering that spread is a trading cost, the lower the spread, the better it is for traders. However, spread information among brokers is not easy to get, as not every broker transparently publishes their spreads data.

However, traders can still choose their ideal brokers by the type of their spreads. The most two popular types of spread are fixed and variable. The pros and cons between the two spreads can vary for every trader. In this case, FBS provides their pricing with Fixed while ActivTrades offers Fixed.

FBS vs ActivTrades: Who hosts the best trading platform?

The trading platform is essential as you can't execute a trade without it. Additionally, trading platforms provide price charts and an assortment of analytical tools to help traders with their strategies.

To support their clients, FBS enables trading with MetaTrader 4 (Limited with 45 days of inactivity). The offer is supported with Mobile trading, One-click trading, Trailing stop, Pending orders. In comparison, ActivTrades provides trading with MetaTrader 4 (Limited with 30 days), MetaTrader 5 (Limited with 30 days), ActivTrader with the support of Mobile trading, One-click trading, Trailing stop, Pending orders.

Is FBS or ActivTrades better in providing the trading instruments?

It is widely known that forex brokers offer other trading instruments other than currency pairs. The offer gives interesting choices for traders to explore other markets that may be proven beneficial for them and to diversify their trading portfolios.

In this case, FBS supports trading with Forex, Gold & silver, CFD, Futures, while ActivTrades presents the ability of trading with Forex, CFD, Spread betting, Cryptocurrencies, Gold & silver, Oil, Stocks, Soft commodities, Metals, ETF.

In conclusion, deciding the better broker eventually comes down to your consideration. If you are an active trader, it is better to choose a broker with a variable spread that is generally lower than the fixed one. For the trading platform, MetaTrader 4 is the standard choice for every trader. But if you want to have a different experience with a more advanced platform, choose the broker that provides alternative platforms. The same goes for trading instruments; if you want to try delving into different markets, seek for a broker with more options on trading instruments.

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