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FXCM Bonus

Bonus Status
Limited Time Deposit Bonus Up To $500 USD active
$20 Welcome Bonus expired

Additional FAQ

A forex deposit bonus is a bonus that is closely linked to the deposits made by a trader and it is available to all clients of the broker offering such a promotion.

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When choosing a bonus option for depositing funds, traders should focus more on the reliability of a broker and less on the size of the bonus.

Opening a forex trading account with a regulated broker that has a small percentage of deposit bonus is better than opening an account with an unregulated broker offering a large percentage of deposit bonuses.

Because it is highly likely the trader will experience problems when trying to utilize the bonus.

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  1. Welcome bonus: a reward to greet new clients for their initial account opening
  2. No deposit bonus: gives you the opportunity to trade without depositing any money
  3. Deposit bonus: a forex bonus that applies to every deposit, thus benefiting all clients; both new and recurring.

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In most cases, deposit bonus rewards traders with a temporary payout based on the trader's deposit amount.

The payouts usually vary from 30 to 50% of the deposit amount, but some brokers may go beyond that and offer up to a 100% bonus for deposit doubling campaigns.

The bonus can then be used to increase the client's trade size and potential profit.

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