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Forex Brokers Telegram Channels: The Complete Guide

Sep 26 2023   Broker Categories  
We can seek forex brokers Telegram and other forex Telegram Channels through search bar, but the result is not always reliable. Here are the correct steps.

Exness Wins Broker of the Year at JFEX Awards 2023

Sep 22 2023   Exness News  
Exness received recognition as Broker of the Year at the Jordan Financial Expo and Awards 2023 (JFEX).

Interactive Brokers Trading Volume in August Remains Flat

Sep 22 2023   Interactive Brokers News  
Interactive Brokers trading volume fell slightly by 3% to 1.93 million DARTS in August, while new accounts surged to 2.36 million within the same month.

How to Deposit on FxPro Broker

Sep 12 2023   Broker Insights  
Funding a trading account in FxPro is fast and doesn't charge you any commission. Read this guide to learn how to deposit on FxPro in several easy steps.

ThinkMarkets Crowned the Most Trusted Broker 2023

Sep 12 2023   ThinkMarkets News  
ThinkMarkets has been recognized as the Most Trusted Broker in the 2023 FinanceFeeds Awards. This proves its reliability in creating the best trading experience.

Vantage Awarded Best Australian Broker by UF Awards

Aug 31 2023   Vantage Markets News  
Vantage has been recognized as Best Broker and Best Customer Support in Australia at the 2023 UF APAC Awards ceremony in Bangkok.

Best Forex Brokers with Banking Licenses

Aug 30 2023   Broker Categories  
A forex banking license lends higher credibility. You can also enjoy various advantages when you join forex brokers with banking licenses.

No Dealing Desk (NDD) Brokers, Are They Right for You?

Aug 29 2023   Broker Categories  
NDD brokers are typically favored due to the diminished conflict of interest. However, direct access through a no-dealing desk platform is not always beneficial for certain traders.

Interactive Brokers Reported Decline Revenue and High DART

Aug 14 2023   IG News  
Interactive Brokers saw a slide in income on a quarterly basis. However, its DARTS, in July 2023 almost reach $2 million.

Traders Union Awards Tickmill as Top Three Forex Brokers

Aug 9 2023   Tickmill News  
Tickmill ranked as the top 3 Forex Brokers, according to Traders Union. TU experts recommend this broker for its credibility and high customer satisfaction.


  • The most common and frequently occurring characteristics are:

    1. Difficult deposit and withdrawal processes.
    2. Sudden and unexpected changes to key features.
    3. Poor customer service.
    4. Negative reviews.

  • Choosing a broker that CySEC regulates has a variety of advantages, including:

    • Customer Support
      CySEC makes sure that brokers are always open to assist you. So, it's no surprise that they would give you the instructions you need to trade, and have a reliable support desk to help you with any problems you could have.

    • Transparency
      The regulator watches the broker to make sure everything must be fair. If the brokers do something terrible, like commit fraud with customers or rob them, the agency can penalize them by putting them on probation or even taking away their license.

    • Data Privacy
      Every CySEC broker has been through the inspections and is exceptionally safe. You have to submit some information about yourself, your workplace, where you live, and other private information to make sure you are safe.

    • Fund Safety
      Account segregation is another extremely important and often-used measure. Almost all brokers who are licensed by CySEC keep your money in separate accounts, provided by some of the best and most well-known financial institutions.

  • Accordingly, there are two major reasons why many forex brokers opt for multiple licenses:

    1. To comply with regulatory frameworks in the countries where they offer trading services.
    2. To maintain market integrity and build investor confidence in the company.

  • Everyone needs to work together and pick up the pace with the fraudsters because the amount of fraudulent activities is getting quite concerning.

    Fraudsters typically have their own forums to discuss matters and share experiences with each other, so it's time for the anti-fraud community to do the same.

    Since businesses are competing for clients, they might refuse to share technology or intellectual property, so they can share knowledge and form partnerships instead.

    This is at least, a good start to acknowledge the common fraud trends within the industry and discuss potential strategies to fight them.

  • When it comes to a broker's regulatory status, there are a few terms that you should know such as registered, regulated, licensed, and authorized.

    • Registered: If a broker is "registered", that means that the broker's registered as a company in a certain country and has one or more offices in that country.
    • Regulated: If a broker's "regulated", that means it has obtained a license to operate as a broker in a country and is listed under the country's regulator.
    • Licensed: It means that the broker has obtained a license to operate as a broker in the country and is protected by its laws.
    • Authorized: If a broker's "authorized", that means it has the authorization to operate at a certain capacity in a country, but not necessarily as a forex broker.

  • Yes, it might be.

    You may receive a phone call asking for more deposits or more frequent trade. This is possible as your contact information is accessible to the company.

    Thus, your data may facilitate the broker to contact you by email or cell phone, urging you to be more speculative and increasing your risks in the market.

  • Before deciding on a brokerage, you must first conduct thorough research into their history to guarantee that they are dependable and trustworthy.

    Avoid using dealing-desk brokers since they often trade against their clients and may engage in various types of price manipulation in order to increase their own profits.

    You may trade against them or they will not submit your orders to the interbank market. As a result, ECN brokers can be a much safer alternative to avoid chart manipulations.

  • To find out which forex broker is most suitable for you, you should take a quick look below:

    1. FBS: initial deposit as low as $1

    2. Exness: minimum deposit of $1

    3. LiteFinance: minimum deposit of $50

    4. InstaForex: minimum deposit limit of $1

    5. FXOpen: minimum deposit starting from $1

    6. JustMarkets: deposit as small as $1

    7. XM: minimum deposit of $5

  • Here's what it means to be an ASIC-licensed forex broker currently:

    1. All ASIC-licensed forex brokers are required to hold at least AUD1 million in operating capital.
    2. Like FCA, ASIC will monitor the company continuously to ensure segregation of client funds, periodical report and audit, efficient management including AML and KYC procedures, and proper risk disclosure for clients.
    3. ASIC Forex brokers are not allowed to have any conflict of interest with their customers. This is the reason why Australian Forex brokers usually offer direct market access through ECN or STP facilities.
    4. ASIC allows leverage for forex and CFD trading up to 30:1.

  • Interactive Brokers is legitimately licensed across continents. In the US, the company is regulated by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), National Futures Association (NFA), and Chicago Mercantile Exchange (COMEX).

    Abroad, Interactive Brokers has scored licenses from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC), Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC), UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and many others.