An International Relations graduate who's passionate in contemporary global financial issues. Currently active in writing online articles specifically about cryptocurrency, forex, and trading strategies.

Articles by Divany

How to Trade with Flag Patterns

Oct 21 2021    

Flag patterns are some of the easiest yet powerful chart patterns to check out. Learn how to identify and use them for your trades in this article.

Crypto Margin Trading in the US, Is It Possible?

Oct 19 2021    

Margin trading is known as one of the easiest ways to magnify potential profits by increasing the size of your trade. But, is it possible in the US?

10 Best NFT Games to Win Rewards

Oct 15 2021    

Not only enjoyable, NFT games can also generate money for you. Want to know how? Here's a list of the best NFT games to start with.

What is Currenex in Forex Trading?

Oct 14 2021    

Currenex is mostly known for its deep pools of liquidity and advanced technology. What are the benefits and downsides of using the service?

Investing in Bitcoin IRA: the Pros and Cons

Oct 13 2021    

Investing in Bitcoin IRA may give you tax benefits and portfolio diversification, but is it enough to make it a good plan for retirement? Find out the answers in this article.



Top 10 Books to Train Your Trading Psychology

Oct 12 2021    

In order to make good trading decisions, it's important to control your emotions while trading. Here are the 10 best books to improve your trading psychology.

Crypto 101: Tokenization and Its Various Types

Oct 11 2021    

Tokenization is transforming the way we perceive and interact with assets of value. Here are types of tokenization in different functions.

NinjaTrader Review: Is It Worth the Hype?

Oct 8 2021    

Many traders have been using NinjaTrader for years, but is it as good as it sounds? What are the pros and cons that you need to consider?

Anonymously Safe: How to Buy Bitcoin without ID

Oct 8 2021    

Do you want to avoid identity theft and wish to stay anonymous? Here we're going to reveal the easiest methods to buy Bitcoin without ID verification.

10 Most Successful South African Traders

Oct 7 2021    

These 10 successful African traders have shown that forex trading can be profitable for anyone regardless of their country, age, or gender.