Alyaziah Hayat

I've been writing as a hobby for about 10 years but I just started doing it professionally. I've been forex trading for about 2 years now mainly focusing on XAUUSD but I also deal with the main currencies when the market is positive. I've also dealt with different brokers and trade using MetaTrader 4. 

Articles by Alyaziah Hayat

What is FTX Quant Zone?

May 6 2022   21    

FTX Quant Zone doesn't only serve as an automated trading tool, it also helps beginners to find various trading strategies from other traders in the platform.

How to Deal with Repainting Indicators

May 6 2022   25    

Repainting indicators can cause trouble if you're not aware of their nature. Yet, there are a few good repainting indicators to use in your strategy.

Introduction to Investing in Hedge Funds

May 6 2022   13    

A hedge fund refers to a pool of funds collected by several investors and managed by an investment management team. This type of investment is not for the weak of heart.

Why Do Brokers Give Leverage?

May 5 2022   19    

Leverage is famously known as borrowed money from brokers to increase their clients' capacity in trading. Wouldn't it do more harm than good if brokers continue to give such support?

Is IC Markets Good for Beginners?

Apr 4 2022   43    

With 3 types of accounts that support raw spread and cTrader, IC Markets provides various tools and educational section to help beginners.

How Do You Trade Breakouts and Pullbacks?

Apr 4 2022   66    

Breakouts and pullbacks are very common and can provide good opportunities to enter the market profitably. Let's figure out how to trade them crorrectly.

Best EMA Crossover for 5-Minute Chart

Apr 4 2022   286    

What are the best EMA periods if you scalp in small time frames? This particular strategy could give you an insight to the best EMA crossover in a 5-minute chart.

The Simple Guide to Floating Spread Vs Raw Spread

Apr 1 2022   31    

Both floating spread and raw spread are popularly known for their similarity to market prices. But which one is better and how to decide it?

Trading in an Offshore Broker: Pros and Cons

Mar 8 2022   33    

Trading in an offshore broker lets you invest in a country other than your own. But, is it really worth the risk? Should you trade in an offshore broker?

Raw Spread Brokers with Low Deposits

Mar 8 2022   54    

Trading with a raw spread account has a number of advantages, especially when you add a low deposit on top of that. Here are the best raw spread brokers with low deposits.