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Aisha Amajida

Aisha has been working with forex industry since 2008. Currently active as independent trader and educator in financial trading and investment.

Articles by Aisha Amajida

Forex Brokers Telegram Channels: The Complete Guide

Sep 26 2023    
We can seek forex brokers Telegram and other forex Telegram Channels through search bar, but the result is not always reliable. Here is the correct steps.

GBP/USD Hit by a Series of Significant Events

Sep 22 2023    
GBP/USD buried at its lowest level since March, while EUR/GBP soared to its highest level since July.

USD/JPY Restrained by Announcement from the Bank of Japan

Sep 22 2023    
The Governor of BoJ briefly mentioned a somewhat hawkish stance last week, but there are no positive indications for today's yen exchange rate.

Swiss Halts Interest Rate Hike, USD/CHF Surges

Sep 21 2023    
USD/CHF surged following the latest SNB announcement. This is because previous Swiss interest rate expectations were much higher than current.

EUR/USD Falls After the Latest Fed Announcement

Sep 21 2023    
Euro is increasingly under pressure due to today's Fed interest rate announcement, but the prospects for EUR/USD ahead remain diverse.

Inflation in the UK Cools Down, GBP/USD Weakens

Sep 20 2023    
The UK inflation data misses consensus estimates, causing market participants to have increased doubts about interest rate prospects and the pound sterling.

Market Focuses on Three Central Banks, Dollar Flat

Sep 18 2023    
US Dollar is in a very narrow range. The market is currently waiting for the interest rate announcements from three major central banks.

Euro Dives After ECB Rate Hike Finalized

Sep 14 2023    
The ECB's interest rate decision is higher than the consensus forecast, but it comes alongside a very dovish statement, which is hitting the euro

Retail Data Lifted Dollar, Interest Rate Expectations Unchanged

Sep 14 2023    
The US dollar rally gained momentum from US economic data and the European interest rate announcement.

Dollar Strengthens Moderately Following CPI Inflation Data Release

Sep 13 2023    
The US inflation data doesn't really have a huge impact. But it stabilizes the dollar across various major currency pairs.