Aisha has been working with forex industry since 2008. Currently active as independent trader and educator in financial trading and investment.

Articles by Aisha

Forex Withdrawal Limit in 15 International Brokers

Jun 22 2021    

Some forex brokers establish minimum and maximum amount for each funds withdrawal, while some others do not specify any limit.

The Best Raw Spread Forex Brokers

Jun 21 2021    

Here is the 5 best raw spread forex brokers, each with distinct features and advantages so you can choose the cheapest trading solution that best suits your needs.

Best Brokerage Firm for Online Trading 2021

Apr 30 2021    

These are some of the best brokerage firms if you are looking for online trading in multi-asset, have low capital, and require legal guarantee for your investments.

A to Z on Forex Brokers with Multiple Licenses

Apr 28 2021    

The existence of forex brokers with multiple licenses creates the illusion of higher credibility. But the facts about trusted forex brokers are not so simple.

All You Need to Know About FXCM Withdrawal Process

Mar 31 2021    

Here is an all-in-one explanation for everything you need to know about FXCM withdrawal methods and fees, also how to solve FXCM withdrawal problems.



History of Forex: Which Is The Oldest Forex Broker In The World?

Mar 15 2021    

The oldest forex broker in the world has been around for decades. But, which company is the oldest in the history of forex and currency exchange services?

UK FCA vs ASIC, Which Forex Regulator is More Reliable?

Feb 28 2021    

Brief comparison of UK FCA vs ASIC regulations results in several similarities and differences. You need to know these before choosing your brokers.

Looking for Major Banks FX Positions? This Premium Tool Will Help You

Feb 28 2021    

We could obtain information about major banks' FX positions through the convenience of our living room by visiting this browser-based FX newsfeed.

Saxo Bank and Interactive Brokers: Which One is the Best?

Jan 31 2021    

Saxo Bank and Interactive Brokers are equally solid in terms of fund safety and asset portfolio. You should choose the best broker according to the features instead.

Which is Better, Raw Spread or Standard Trading Account?

Dec 31 2020    

Main differences between raw spread trading account and standard trading account lie in trading costs, namely spread and commission fees.