Instead of the typical deposit bonus, Xtrade offers cash prizes during registration and verification. You don't have to deposit any money or open any trade to enjoy it.

It is undeniable that each year, the competition among brokers is getting tighter with the emergence of new players in the market. In order to stand out, brokers must offer something special to their clients. Welcome bonus programs are quite popular these days as they are often considered to be a great way to attract more traders and build a good relationship with them based on mutual rewards.

Different bonus programs, however, are built on different structures and follow different terms and conditions depending on the broker. Their value and way to obtain can also vary significantly. Some brokers may offer dozens of periodical bonus campaigns each month, while others only grant special rewards every once in a while. This is why if you want to get a good bonus, you should make an effort to study each bonus program along with its terms and conditions.

In this article, we'll take a look at the welcome bonus package offered by Xtrade. Compared to other brokers, this bonus package is quite unique and suitable for any type of trader. Let's find out everything you should know about it.

XTrade Welcome Bonus


Get to Know Xtrade

Xtrade is a well-known online broker that is regulated by IFSC (No. 000281/194). It offers trading services for various instruments, including CFDs on shares, commodities, forex, and indices. For more than 10 years, the company has helped clients to make informed trading decisions, access liquidity, and manage risks according to their capabilities through a sophisticated trading platform available on the web and mobile. Today, the company operates in 25 countries worldwide and offers around-the-clock customer support.

Throughout its journey, Xtrade has won various awards that further prove their good reputation and reliability. Their mission is to facilitate the trading needs of their clients, hence the abundance of innovations that the company has offered in the past few years. To further support their clients, Xtrade offers a number of attractive bonus programs as explained below.

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Operating as an online CFDs broker since 2010, XTrade Europe Ltd. is a part of XTrade Group and provides trading in FX and CFDs as Previously known as, this broker is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) with license number 108/10.

Therefore, it is subject to the regulatory requirements of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II). For non-European traders opening an account in XTrade, they will be managed by Xtrade International Ltd., a Belize-based entity that is licensed by the International Financial Services Commission in Belize.

As OffersFX, XTrade Europe Ltd. accentuates its rich options of trading assets for clients. From Forex to cryptocurrencies, OffersFX manages to offer them all. The broker also presents interesting alternatives like Shares, ETFs, and Bonds. This alone has opened opportunities to traders and investors from various markets.

Several attributes claimed as their distinctive advantages including strong financial resources, quick and efficient withdrawal process, cutting-edge platform technology, and worldwide customer support.

Following XTrade International's offering, XTrade Europe does not provide trading with the highly popular MetaTrader platform. This broker has its proprietary platform that enables traders to access the market via Web-Trader with a rich set of features and trading tools to ensure an optimized trading experience. Said platform is not only available on the desktop, but also in mobile app and tablets.

Trading conditions are not explained thoroughly, as the broker does not offer selectable account types. Forex trading in XTrade is presented with Fixed Spread from 2-5 pips with no commission.

There are no clear details of information on the maximum leverage and minimum deposit. However, XTrade Europe Ltd. mentions explicitly that there are premium charges for overnight trading positions.

There are no fees charged for deposit and withdrawal, and traders can choose between bank transfer, credit card, PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller as the payment method.

However, it is important to acknowledge that there is an inactivity fee of up to $50 per month if a trader somehow neglects their trading account in OffersFX for 3 months. Also, there is a dormant maintenance fee up to $100 per month for accounts that have been inactive for one year or more.

For all of the assets provided to traders, OffersFX does not exactly equip them with profound education materials. There are explanations dedicated to each trading instrument, but the broker has no further contents to educate traders about online trading in various markets.

To sum up, XTrade Europe Ltd. is a CySEC-regulated broker with many trading instruments to offer. It is a distinctive company in the way it offers Fixed Spread as the sole trading commissions to traders and does not comply with mass preference in the MetaTrader platform.

Unfortunately, XTrade Europe Ltd. is not too great on transparency and information sharing, as well as charges a quite big amount of fees for inactive accounts. Well, at least the broker states that it does not require deposit and withdrawal commissions.


First Deposit Bonus

First deposit bonus is given to new accounts registered in Xtrade. As the name suggests, this bonus will be allocated to the eligible account after clients make their first deposit. The bonus amount depends on the number of the first deposit. So, the higher the deposit, the more credits you can get. The rules are as follows:

  • Deposit $100-$249 to get a 10% bonus of up to $25
  • Deposit $250-$499 to get a 25% bonus of up to $125
  • Deposit $500 and more to get a 50% bonus of up to $5000

This bonus is of credit type, which means that it will be credited to the account and kept as a credit sum. In order to redeem the bonus, clients must reach a certain release volume of Xpoints accumulation within 30 days starting from the date that the first deposit bonus becomes an active bonus. In this case, the Xpoints release volume is the bonus amount multiplied by 10. If the target is reached within the 30-day time frame, the bonus will be credited to the account equity immediately. Otherwise, the bonus as well as the accumulated Xpoints will be expired.

The bonus is only available once for each account and will be given after the completion of the first deposit. It's also worth mentioning that one household or IP address can only get one first deposit bonus.

How to Get

  1. Log in to your Xtrade trading platform's cashier using your account credentials.
  2. Select "First Deposit Bonus" and click "Deposit".
  3. The bonus will be allocated immediately according to the deposit volume.


Phone Verification Bonus

This bonus is available for clients who verify their phone numbers by entering a code received via SMS. So, all you need to do is create a new account and register your phone number. You'll get a $25 bonus, which will be credited automatically once the process is successfully completed. Keep in mind that it might take up to 10 minutes for the credit to be reflected in your account.

This bonus is of cash type, so the sum can be used immediately for trading. To redeem the bonus, you are required to reach 300 Xpoints within the duration time frame. If you wish to withdraw the bonus, you'll need to reach the specified Xpoints to release the sum for withdrawal. The bonus is only available once per account/phone number.

How to Get

  1. Log in to your trading account.
  2. Chose "Account Options" and click "Phone Verification".
  3. Enter a valid phone number and enter the code received by SMS.


First Trade with Xtrade

Xtrade rewards traders for making their first trade. Simply open a live trading account and start trading with your deposited money. If you make a profit, you can keep all of it. But if you lose, the broker will refund the loss amount of up to $500 cash bonus. This bonus is a very convenient way to make up for your loss, especially if you're a newbie and just started your trading journey.


Account Verification Bonus

To protect your account from hacking and other malicious activities, it's highly recommended to verify your account by submitting the required documents to the broker. As a reward, you will get a 20% bonus of up to $1000 after you completed the verification process and made your first deposit. The bonus is available for all deposits made 48 hours after the first deposit and the offer is limited to 14 days after the first deposit.

The account verification bonus is of credit type. In order to redeem the bonus, you are required to reach a release volume of Xpoints. The bonus is only available once per account and after the completion of your first deposit. It's worth noting that the crediting of the bonus might take up to 2 business days upon the approval of the submitted documents.

How to Get

  1. Log in to your trading account.
  2. Make your first deposit.
  3. To submit the documents, follow the upload link available on the web or mobile trading platform.
    • On the web platform, open the Main Menu, then click "Account" and "Account Verification".
    • On the mobile platform, open the Main Menu and choose "Account Verification".
  4. Complete the registration form and submit the required documents.


How to Collect Xpoints

Xpoints are obtained through trading and calculated based on the trading volume and asset types. Xpoints will be granted for each instrument by trading at least $1000. For example, if you open a position on EUR/USD worth $100,000, you will get 100 Xpoints after closing the trade, since every $1000 trading amount is worth 1 Xpoint.

Every asset type contributes differently toward Xpoints accumulation, so you may get different Xpoints for trading different instruments.

Moreover, Xpoints are used to release active bonuses within a specific period of time. If the release time frame has expired or the bonus was removed or voided, the accumulated Xpoints against that bonus are also reset back to zero.


Final Verdict

There is a wide variety of bonus programs that you can look forward to when trading with Xtrade. You can get considerable bonuses even for doing the simplest things such as verifying your account or making your first trade. This is unique as other brokers tend to give bonuses only after you deposit some money or trade some lots.


Xtrade is is a brokerage company that connects counterparties with market-leading traditional trading of CFDs on shares, commodities, forex, and indices. They offer around-the-clock support and deliver world-class solutions to their clients in more than 25 countries.