Trading EUR/USD in Admirals can offer a lot of benefits for traders. One of them is competitive spread in all trading accounts.

One of the most traded financial instruments in the world is none other than EUR/USD. The currency pairs represent two of the world's largest economies: Europe and the United States. It is known that the Euro has become the largest currency in the world, second only to the US dollar.

But there are other reasons why this pair has so many fans across the financial markets. First, EUR/USD has one of the best liquidity among many other market pairs. Assets with high liquidity tend to have much lower transaction costs, which benefits traders. Because of this, EUR/USD tends to have a lower spread than any other pair.

Another benefit of trading EUR/USD is the volatility. For information, high-volatility assets move faster and make bigger trading ranges than less-volatile ones. It means traders will be easier to find opportunities to gain profits.

Considering EUR/USD's potential, it's not a question of why all brokers provide the option to trade them. One of the best examples of this is Admiral Markets or Admirals.



Trading EUR/USD in Admirals Based on Account Type

There are several things to watch for trading EUR/USD in Admirals. First, understand that the trading conditions can differ according to the trading accounts. There are 4 with different specifications that you need to pay attention to:



Generally, this is the Admiral Market's standard account available on the MT5 platform. The Trade.MT5 account offers a minimum 0.5 pips EUR/USD spread. There won't be any commission fees charged for this account. Another benefit is that this account has a high leverage of up to 1:500 in Admirals Global. This will give traders a better opportunity to profit with less capital. Hedging is allowed in this account, so traders could utilize the strategy at their disposal.

The specifications for this account make it the best choice for MT5 users who are looking for low trading costs.



For traders who aren't too fond of MT5 but still prefer a standard account, they can opt for Trader.MT4. Technically, the specifications are similar to the Trade MT5. This account offers a minimum spread of 0.5 pips with no commission fees whatsoever. Of course, traders can enjoy a little boost in their trading power. This account provides a leverage maximum of 1:500. Just like Trade.MT5, Trade.MT4 also allows hedging for its users. With this specification, it is safe to say that this account is specifically made for new traders who prefer MT4 trading platforms.



For traders who are looking for an even lower spread, Admiral Markets offers a Zero.MT5 account. As the name suggests, this account is specifically created for those whose strategy relies heavily on spreads, such as scalping. The minimum spread for this account starts from 0.0 pips for EUR/USD, which is as low as traders can get in Admiral Markets. However, the zero spread comes with a commission fee. Luckily, the Zero.MT5 account only charges $3 commission fees per side or $6 per round turn. Another benefit is that traders can get leverage up to 1:500 for this account type.


Zero MT4

The lower spread options for EUR/USD in Admiral Markets do not stop at Zero.MT5. The Zero.MT4 account is actually similar, but it's geared toward traders who prefer MT4. This account has 0.0 pips EUR/USD spread, a good deal for those who are looking for low-spread trading. One thing to know is that, just like any other zero spread account, Admiral Market's Zero.MT4 account charges commission fees. Similar to the Zero.MT5, the commission fee for this account is only $6 per round turn.


Which Account Suits You?

The key to successfully trading EUR/USD in Admirals is to choose the right trading account type. To do that, traders should first decide whether they like MT4 or MT5 better. The next step is to decide whether they are willing to pay commission fees for a lower spread. For example, Trade.MT4 and Trade.MT5 have much lower trading costs, but the EUR/USD spread is slightly higher there. On the other hand, traders that use a scalping strategy or other short-term trading techniques might find more benefits with the zero spread accounts. In the end, it's all according to the trader's needs.


Is Admiral Good for EUR/USD?

Evidently, Admiral Markets provide plenty of choices for trading EUR/USD. Firstly, this broker comes with two options for trading platforms: the MT4 and MT5 which are well-known throughout the trading community. This platform is often considered easy to use and has many technical indicators to choose from. But the platform is not the only thing that makes trading EUR/USD in Admiral worth the hassle. This broker provides zero spread options for traders who need them. If they don't like paying commission fees, traders can opt for the Trade accounts.

To further support the EUR/USD trading experience, Admirals accepts EUR base currency in all accounts. Depending on which Admiral Markets company you register with, you could start trading with a minimum deposit of $25-$250.


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