Intro To Forex Brokers

How to Choose Forex Brokers by Country

Apr 26 2021    

Forex traders from different countries may have different trading experiences due to the gaps in technology and regulations. Here's a guide on how to choose the best forex brokers by country.

History of Forex: Which Is The Oldest Forex Broker In The World?

Mar 15 2021    

The oldest forex broker in the world has been around for decades. But, which company is the oldest in the history of forex and currency exchange services?

How to Choose a Broker by the Trading Cost

Feb 9 2021    

What is the best type of trading cost? How would you know that you will get the best trading cost from a forex broker? Find out the answers below.

Top 3 Forex Broker Rules Most Violated by Traders

Feb 3 2021    

Brokers can send a warning email or letter to the traders that violate their rules. What are the common mistakes that traders do and are those accusations always correct?

Saxo Bank and Interactive Brokers: Which One is the Best?

Jan 31 2021    

Saxo Bank and Interactive Brokers are equally solid in terms of fund safety and asset portfolio. You should choose the best broker according to the features instead.



Will Forex Broker Sue Us for Negative Balance?

Nov 30 2020    

There are two types of answers to the question, each for forex brokers with and without negative balance protection.

FBS or XM: Which Forex Broker is Better for Beginners?

Oct 28 2020    

Two of the most popular forex broker for beginners are XM and FBS. The two are commonly chosen by beginners across Asia. But which one is better?

Defining the Best Forex Broker: Spread Vs Execution

Oct 26 2020    

Before you choose an ideal broker, make sure to check these two factors: the spread that the broker offers and the speed and accuracy of execution.

What is a Cent Account in Forex Brokers?

Oct 21 2020    

Opening a cent account should be a good choice for novice traders who want to learn more about forex trading and experience the real market without having to risk big capital.

What are ECN Forex Brokers and How are Their Fees?

Oct 8 2020    

ECN forex brokers carry relatively higher trading fees, but more suitable for professionals who seek to make use of expert advisors or scalping strategy.