IC Markets Broker offers the IC Markets Partner Program as a great chance to generate passive income. How do traders benefit from this program?

IC Markets Partner Program

As trading in the forex market has become increasingly complex and risky, many novice traders, even the most experienced, find it difficult to control uncertainty in trading. Because you are too afraid of the risks of trading or the lack of time to open a trading position, causing you to hesitate and trade and trigger trading mistakes that lead to losses.

To meet the growing needs of traders and investors, IC Markets offers the chance to allocate funds according to their individual preferences, including making money without getting involved directly with trading. This Australian-based broker offers a great way to earn passive income. One of them is through the IC Markets Partner Program.

IC Markets Partner Program requires your involvement to promote this broker to invite many new clients. Here, you will get a bonus or commission of up to 50% for active referrals when you join. There are many ways to profit from your clients through this program, from funding the account to maintaining set amounts in the trading account.


IC Markets Partner Program at a Glance

IC Markets has been developing an internationally regulated multi-asset online trading brokerage for over two decades based in Australia. Many beginners and experienced traders are attracted to this brand due to its global presence, unrivaled trading education, wide range of account types, and competitive trading conditions.

Apart from providing abundant benefits by trading, IC Markets offers a great way to earn passive income through its IC Markets Partners Program. The program allows individuals and entities to earn commissions by promoting brokers and attracting new clients. As such, IC Markets Partner Program is intended for individuals or organizations with an established clientele or network.

Affiliate programs are arguably the easiest and most popular way to generate passive income. If you are a website owner, social media influencer, or a wealthy online social network, becoming an IC Markets Partner can help you grow financially. You will have commissions paid to affiliate trading accounts in real-time, which can increase trading income. You can also start your own business or side job from this opportunity.

Min Deposit
ASIC, CySEC, SCB, The Financial Commission, FSA (Seychelles)
Interest rate on funds
Free education
Segregated accounts
Managed accounts
Islamic accounts available
Compensation scheme
Low spread eur/usd
Copy trading
Wire transfer

IC Markets is an online forex broker operating under the company of International Capital Markets Pty Ltd. Traders under the Australian jurisdiction are provided with the trading service of IC Markets AU that is headquartered in Australia and licensed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

On the other hand, non-Australian traders who open an account in this broker are registered under IC Markets SEY that is based in Seychelles, and regulated under the Seychelles Financial Services Authority (SFSA). The dual operation is a result of the relatively new rules from ASIC that prohibit their regulated broker to offer trading services outside Australia.

Classified as an ECN broker, IC Markets provide clients with MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, cTrader as platform trading options. This broker also follows market trends to include Cryptocurrencies as one of its products, enriching its already wide selection of trading assets that include Currencies, Indices, Metals, Energies, Softs, Stocks, as well as Bonds.

The minimum deposit in IC Markets is in the middle range compared to other ASIC-regulated brokers, as it reaches $200 for every client. Market analysis materials are also prepared regularly for trading insights on IC Markets's official website, proving their competence to serve their traders with important contents created by market experts that work specifically for them.

For payment methods, IC Markets allows funding and withdrawal via wire transfer, credit card, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, FasaPay, UnionPay, as well as Bitcoin via BitPay. The more interesting aspect from this broker is its multi-base currencies that include USD, AUD, EUR, GBP, SGD, NZD, JPY, CHF, HKD, and CAD.

As the trading technology in IC Markets is highly equipped with co-located servers and extremely low latency (especially on cTrader), the broker is widely known for its capability in hosting traders with the special needs for high-frequency trading as well as scalping.

To sum up, IC Markets is a fitting destination for active traders looking for a well-regulated broker. IC Markets is also flexible in terms of base currency and payment methods, signaling their commitment to welcome traders beyond their home country. As of late 2019, IC Markets provided their website in 18 international languages including English, Korean, Indonesian, French, Spanish, Italian, Malay, German, and Chinese.


Types of IC Markets Partner Program

The Partner Program has three main commission structures: Affiliate Program, Introducing Broker (IB), and White Label Partnership. The following are the differences between the three.

  • IC Markets Affiliate Program is the best partnership program according to partner reviews related to the company. This program is more suitable for individuals or entities who may not have a long-term business plan but still want to earn commissions for referring customers. The Affiliate Program allows partners to earn commissions of up to 50% of the income of the clients you refer to IC Markets.

  • The Independent Broker Program is intended for individuals or entities interested in developing a long-term business relationship with IC Markets. The IB program will operate on a more personal level in direct contact with clients. For tier 1 partners under this program, CPA is set at $250, which means they earn this amount for every successful trade. As for tier 2 and tier 3 partners, CPA is set at $200 and $100, respectively.

  • White Label Partnership program has the highest commission among the other two programs. A white label partnership is an agreement between two companies in which one company provides a service that produces a product or service on behalf of another company, the retailer. While there is a minimal fee to become a partner in the program, the payout is exorbitant. You can earn up to 65.2% of the income generated by the clients you refer to IC Markets. In addition, the referred trader does not have a minimum deposit to be kept. Here you get the code within a maximum of 3 days.

Types of IC Markets Partner Program

Partner Type

Affiliate Program

IB Program

White Label Partnership

Revenue Sharing or CPA

Up to 50% + USD 16 for every CPA

Tier 1 CPA: $250

Tier 2 CPA: $200

Tier 3 CPA: $100

Up to 65.2%

Cost Associated



Referred Trader's Deposit-FTD

$800 plus

$800 plus

Code Activation Time

2-4 Days

2-3 Days

2-3 Days

Please note that Affiliate and IB programs require you to pay a deposit amount to the IC Markets. As mentioned in the table above, this is important because you will only become a qualified affiliate or IB of IC Markets if you deposit $800 or more.


Extra Commission for High Volume Traders

Partners with volume incentives can receive Extra Commissions once the clients referred meet the Trading Volume requirements. When this volume target is achieved for 3 consecutive months on IC Markets MT4 and MT5 platforms, the broker will go through the necessary verification process to fulfill the right of extra commission on partners. As a Partner, you will earn commissions based on each client's trading volume and account type for FX and Metals only.


Commission Per Lot Forex/Metal

Trading Volume Requirement (Forex/Metal Lots)














How to Apply for the IC Markets Partner Program

To earn passive income through the IC Markets Partner Program, you can become an Introducing Broker (IB) or Affiliate and refer clients to IC Markets. Here are the general steps you should follow:


1. Register to Become a Partner

To become an IC Markets Affiliate, you must be enrolled in the Affiliate Program. To do so, visit the IC Markets website and fill out the application form. Make sure all details are correct.

Register IC Markets Partner Program


2. Upload Your Document

To verify your identity and start the affiliate program, you must upload documents, including photocopies of the PAN, photos, business documents, business experience certificates, and proof of government-registered identity. If your documents have been verified correctly, you will receive a call from an IC Markets partner to confirm the details.

Please note that you must complete account verification fully to become a full-fledged IC Markte business partner. If they find every detail correct and you meet the eligibility criteria, then the broker will open your partner account.


3. Build a Network

Earning passive income through the IC Markets Affiliate Program involves building a network of clients and traders interested in trading foreign exchange and other financial instruments. Leverage your existing network, or reach potential customers through marketing and advertising.

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4. Refer Clients to IC Markets

Once you have established your network, you can introduce your clients to IC Markets. You receive a commission on the trading activity of the clients you refer or based on the number of clients you refer to IC Markets.

Refer clients to IC Markets


5. Keep Track of Your Profit

Every time a client registers through your referral link, you will receive a registration confirmation email that the client has registered with the client's details. You earn commissions when customers you refer take action. You can monitor your earnings through the IC Markets Affiliate portal or contact the affiliate team.

total new client sign up

You can build a strong network and earn passive income by referring clients to IC Markets. However, please note that the total profit depends on the trading activity of the clients you refer. Trading in foreign exchange and other financial instruments involves risk. When referring clients to IC Markets, you must read the Program Terms carefully and adopt risk management practices.


What You Should Know About IC Markets Partner

There are several things you should know about the IC Markets Partner Program, including the following:

  • Partners must be over 18 years old and have 1-3 years of business experience. If their business experience is related to trading, that would be a plus.
  • You receive marketing and promotional support materials to introduce your products and services to customers after being an IC Markets Partner. However, the Affiliate is responsible for ensuring compliance with all applicable laws and regulations regarding advertising and marketing.
  • IC Markets will pay commissions to its affiliates according to the commission structure and rates specified in the respective partnership agreements. Commissions are generally withdrawn weekly, and brokers may require Affiliates to pay commissions and meet minimum payouts.
  • IC Markets is not obliged to maintain the partnership agreement with partners and has the right to terminate the contract at any time and for any reason.


The Bottom Line

IC Markets provides Affiliates with a wide range of marketing and promotional materials, as well as support from a dedicated Partnership team to help Affiliates grow their business and increase the commissions they receive. In general, the Partner Program aims to provide a flexible way for individuals and entities to earn commissions and extra commissions by referring customers to IC Markets.

This program is a great choice for individuals with a network and customer base. Depending on your goals, you can choose one of the available partnership programs to earn non-trading passive income with low fees. This can help secure your future finances by having a second source of income.


IC Markets is a raw spread brokerage that puts all clients' funds in segregated trust accounts supported by well-known Australian banks such as Westpac and NAB. On top of that, IC Markets offers various trading instruments like Forex, Indices, Bonds, Crypto, and many more.